Creature - Merfolk Rogue (1/1, blue)
All Beasts gain defender
4, Sacrifice a Faerie: put a time counter on target land
U, Tap an untapped Merfolk you control: target artifact with a time counter on it can't be the target of spells and activated abilities until end of turn

Converted mana cost: 3

Creature - Human Shaman (1/1, red)
Whenever ~this~ becomes blocked, ~this~ deals 5 damage to each creature and player

Converted mana cost: 3

Enchantment (black and blue)
When ~this~ enters the battlefield, you may pay 4. If you do, two target untapped creatures with fear can't block until end of turn
BB: draw a card, then discard three cards
When ~this~ is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, counter target activated ability

Converted mana cost: 4