Tribal Artifact - Equipment Golem
Equip 3B
Pay 4 life, Pay 1 life: put a charge counter on ~this~
Remove a charge counter from ~this~: target artifact gains protection from red (This effect doesn't end)
Equipped creature can't be blocked except by green creatures
When the number of cards in your hand is 4 or more, flip ~this~.
- - - - -
Legendary Tribal Artifact - Equipment Golem
Sacrifice a untapped land: put two 1/1 Golem artifact creature tokens onto the battlefield
Sacrifice a Golem: attach target Equipment to target Golem. Gain control of that Equipment until end of turn

Converted mana cost: 3

Instant (blue)
Choose one: until end of turn, if a Scout would deal combat damage to a player, prevent 3 of that damage; or copy target activated ability from a tapped black enchantment source and you may choose new targets for the copy
--Humanity can defeat even the tool
– Dryse the Relentless

Converted mana cost: 5

Enchantment (green)
When ~this~ is exiled, target unblocked creature with power 1 gains ''Sacrifice ~this~: destroy any number of target artifacts you control'' until end of turn
4GG, Tap an untapped permanent you control: you put a 1/1 green Snake creature token onto the battlefield

Converted mana cost: 1