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A yearning which is more pleasurable in thought than the object of the desire

-- The Deeper Meaning of Liff, Douglas Adams et Al.

A city in Wales containing the national library.
River Ystwyth (possibly)
Correction = Mouth of the River Ystwyth
Correction - Town.

Although Aberrheidol might be more correct.

Possibly the hardest place in Wales to get to, being slap bang in the middle of its West coast.  Which makes you wonder why they built said library there.
No, there are much harder places to get to.  The summit of Snowdon is one of the more obvious ones, unless you cheat and go by train.  --FR
Said train is probably the biggest dead loss of all of Wales' many NarrowGaugeRailways.  It's extortionately priced (20 for an adult return trip), if you go on a day with poor weather conditions there's nowt to see, and you may even get a diesel if like me you're completely unlucky.  Anyway, maybe it should be rephrased as "hardest town in Wales to get to" -- PaulPower

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