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Anyone up for a game of Type 4 Generated? I (Anonyman) have wanted to try this out for a while.
Sure, why not.  Which ruleset?  --Vitenka
Standard rules, I think. --Anonyman

Here's a [generator link] for convenience.
Do you mind if I begin? Or would you prefer to go first? --Anonyman

You really are gonna have to decide which set of rules is 'standard', but ok - assuming 5 utopia and 20 life, no hand, unplayables become utopia:


20 life, 5 utopia


20 life, 5 utopia

Land Launcher
Artifact Creature - Golem (3/1, artifact)
Sacrifice a land: put two charge counters on two target Forests and those permanents gain flying until end of turn
When ~this~ is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, target opponent may Tap an untapped basic land he or she controls. If that player does, distribute up to X charge counters, where X is the number of Forests on the battlefield on any number of target permanents and tap those permanents
R: put a +1/+1 counter on two target tapped creatures
Converted mana cost: 1


Turn 1, Vitenka generates the land launcher.  Which has one silly line, one useless line - and one line which probably makes you want to veto it.
Hmm... yeah, I think that I'll veto. And by standard, I meant the rules that you described. --Anonyman
So, what happens now? Are you still interested in playing? If so, then it's still your turn.

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