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Quite a few years after creating this account and making a few edits, I have by some strange fluke turned into a student at the UniversityOfCambridge (TrinityCollege, to be exact). If the contents of this wiki are to be believed, this puts me in close geographical proximity to lots of people who play boardgames and do other interesting things. Huzzah!

I'm currently (2012/13) studying LawPartIA?. Hopefully this won't turn me into an EvilManipulativeLawyer?. Hopefully.

The below section is preserved for reference. Why anyone would need to refer to my unusual childhood behaviour is beyond me, but I'll leave it there just in case.
Ooh, welcome back :) If you ever feel yourself in need of more anime than the plentiful supply provided by CUAMS, do head this way ---> WednesdayAnime ;) - SunKitten
Yup, the board GamesEvenings are very much still on - on Mondays these days, give AlexChurchill a poke for an invite ;) --MoonShadow

WelcomeToWiki! --MoonShadow

Thanks, MoonShadow!

I think that I'll use this space to promote my favourite manga, LiarGame. And my favourite game, MagicTheGathering. And... I haven't got anything else. Maybe I'll think of something later.

Anyway, hello/salvete/saluton, ToothyWikizens!


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