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Someone who avenges.

A class of fighter plane in [UFOEnemyUnknown].

Also an anime, with soundtrack by the people who did Noir and DotHackSlashSlashSign.  In a near-future setting, "dolls" are robotic servant androids who take the place of children. No child has been born for the past ten years. "Speedy" fancies himself as a "doll breeder" (creator and maintainer of "dolls").  He's called a jack-of-all-trades by everyone else in Serena City, the big dome on the surface of the unhospitable world they're living on.  Layla Ashley appears to be the city's resident fighter, and catches Speedy's eye as she beats up a Barbaroi challenger who's just arrived in town.  Or possibly it's Layla's doll Nei, an android modelled to look like a cute blond ten-year-old girl, which catches Speedy's eye (the doll was found by the challenger in a rubbish heap but is claimed by Layla when she beats him). Layla has the charming habit of being unpredictably violent around dolls (although not her own) and asking people to try to kill her. She doesn't take too kindly to Speedy at first.

The rulers are called Westa and Volk, and are referred to as good and bad in that order. Layla is rumoured to be Volk's daughter.

It looks like this is going to have the characters from DotHackSlashSlashSign and the androids from ChoBits?, on the world of TriGun, with the background intrigue of Noir, and the fight scenes an average of those four.  But that's just based on one episode.  It might be an idea to rework this page once a few more have come out.
It did. Unfortunately, it also had one of the worst ending in anime AlexChurchill has seen. It's a pity, because a lot of the rest of the series was rather good. I recommend you watch all of it except the final episode, but don't watch that until or unless they release an OAV. --AC

But more importanly, Diana Rigg is an Avenger. Or at least she was, she may have retired and put all that avenging behind her.
Maybe that might be better placed on a SeeAlso: TheAvengers??


OP=AlexChurchill, amended and altered by SunKitten

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