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Library of online SciFi published by Baen.  Mostly a collection of 'second book from a series of five' to try and entice you to buy some of the others, but also includes a smatterring of ShortStory? collections and stand-alone novels.

Free they call it - yet I know for a fact they've sold several HonorHarrington books based upon first readings in it.  Which is, I suppose, the whole point.  --Vitenka

There is one big problem with it - most of the books therein are, let us be frank, terrible.  Ideas poor, execution poor, grasp of language horrible and editing nonexistant.  --Vitenka
Most?  About half, I'd say. --Angoel
I've been randomly sampling it for a few days now, and I'd have to say that the HonorHarrington books are as good as it gets.  The best of them are five to ten times as long as they need to be.  A collection of short stories erroneously inflated to novel status.  Then again, I may have chosen the wrong ones.  If you have any that come above the half way mark, then please, note them here and I'll start on them next ;)  --Vitenka

It does depend on your taste in books, it must be said.  Personally, I don't mind the HonorHarrington books when I want some light reading, especially since my reading speed is pretty fast, so overinflated books are not as daunting, provided I get something out of them.    Bearing your preferences in mind, my initial recommendations from the library would be:

The Mountains of Mourning
With the Lightnings
Sympathy for the Devil
Born to Run

If and when you get round to reading them, tell my what you think and I'll recommend more (or recommend that you give up ;).  --Angoel

If they're as good as it gets, that's pretty bad. The man just can't write!

As I said....  I like them anyway, mind - but then, I enjoy watching cartoons too ;)  But any recommendations of ones truly worth avoiding, or reading would be great.  "Rats Bats and Vats" was overly long, badly written - but in places funny.  "The Pyramid Scheme" was just overly long - but it did have a bit of imagery during its over convoluted 'rabbit from a hat' write up that made me laugh aloud.  I guess the huge long novel length setup is worth it to give the plausible grounds for the conflicting imagery that triggers the joke.  --Vitenka

Which is a good thing - it means that I can be published one day!  --Vitenka
Um.  I probably didn't want to mean that the way it sounds.  Sadly, I think that I do.  --Vitenka.
Do want to, or do mean it?
Either comes out to the same thing...  --Vitenka

Found a good one!  Read this in print before I found it was here:  [Born to Run]  --Vitenka

And another:  [The Brass God] - if only for the line: ""For centuries now it's been understood that if enough diplomats go to enough parties, everything will come right in the end."  --Vitenka (Oh gods, it just gets funnier - if you can stand the bad accentz at leazt.  "It's ben zo long zinze anyone contradicted me," he said mildly, "that I've vorkotten the bunishment." He waved two fingers in blessing. "You are apzolved, my zon," he said airily. "In vact, I apzolv you for the whole weekent. Have fun; it's on the house." )  --Vitenka

[Fallen Angels] It could be a plot for WebComics/Faans?.  You will recognise these people, you know that you will.  --Vitenka (Still munching his way through the books)
Oooh, that's Fallen Angels - I read that in print years ago.  It's a sci-fi novel set at a World Con!  Read now.  --Mjb67
Well, kinda set at sorta a world-con.  Certainly set with strange SciFi people :)  --Vitenka
If you want novels set at conventions, Deep Secret by DianaWynneJones is a far better book, IMHO. --Angoel

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