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The next night, to your distress, you're back in the rave...

Over at one side, there are computer dancing games.  The MoshMoshRevolution? pit is occupied by two teenagers: a girl with long red hair and a black-haired boy.  Their movements are matching each other quite impressively, although whenever they differ the girl shouts angrily at the boy, who seems to just hang his head apologetically.

One wall is occupied by nine video-screens, displaying surreal scenes.  A fish with giant red lips flies by in the video's sky as a cat with a never-ending number of legs dances about on-screen.  And then out of the screen onto the dance floor.

A small crowd has gathered around one central patch of floor, where two girls in leotards appear to be engaging in AnythingGoesMartialArtsRaving?.  The attacks, perfectly synchronised to the music, include use of items like a table, a kettle of hot water, and what looks like a brother.  But before you can double-take to be sure, your attention is swept on...

...to the new group on the stage, where a brown-haired girl is dressed up as an idol and is singing songs about smiles and summer.  Her backing singers are a young schoolgirl and a terrifying-looking female swordfighter, although they're both doing their best to smile sweetly in idol fashion.  However, they're all rather upstaged by a cute girl of about 10 years, who appears to be flying over their heads by flapping her orange pigtails.  This seems to be causing much distress to a dopey-looking black-haired-girl standing by the side.

For some reason, you don't find it strange in the slightest that there are some extremely cute aliens bouncing along to the rave music in the crowd.  They hide as a plastic tank with a four-leaf clover printed on it trundles around, but reappear when it dances off to a different portion of the floor.  No, you don't find it strange that the plastic tank is dancing, either.

Having joined in dancing quite energetically for a bit, you wish you had a fish-shaped pastry like [last night].  However, any fish that do appear are being ritually sacrificed with a sword as part of the MagicalGirlTransformationSequence? of a girl, who looks too young to be in here.  She has yet another adoring gaggle of girls.  You briefly wonder how many adoring gaggles of girls there are in here, then decide it's best not to contemplate it.

Two cat-girls dance with each other right next to you, surprising you somewhat.  One of them keeps shooting jealous glances across to where a swordfighter is dancing with a blonde girl with a pendant.  The other is absorbed in her own world, except briefly when a carrot appears in the surreal scenes on the video screens, which cause her to practically start drooling.

Another blonde girl with a pendant is dancing energetically with a purple-haired girl with glasses, a silent boy with a shock of red hair, and a yellow robot, who's providing at least half of the laser lights in the darkened room.

And the beat goes on...

When you've made all the guesses you want, you can see what other people made of this piece of mushroom fumes...

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