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Also Evil.

RogueAngel doesn't like theatre, and dislikes CULES in particular. He will expand on this in RogueAngel/TheatreIsEvil once he gets a RoundTuit.

Emperor also had something to say on the subject:

CULES clearly is evil. It encourages cross-dressing, bestiality, ABBA, and a host of other abominations before the Lord. The very idea of taking smutty light entertainment to people who otherwise would not get to see theatre at all is clearly anathema. I propose we find all the faggots we can lay our hands upon, and use them to go and burn all of CULES. For the sake of their immortal souls, you understand.

...as did Sally who has spent a lot of time and effort on running CULES:

Taking theatre to old people, special needs schools, and hospitals across the county apparently.  Can't say I see it myself... although the audiences don't get a lot of say in it beforehand we've never had anything but high praise from staff and residents afterwards. Raising over 1200 pounds for charity in 2 terms would also appear to be evil. 

There was quite a lot of ranting here too, but Emperor executively decided to trim it all :-)

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