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Some things you just can't live without.

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DR recently went through an exercise related to this for a course.
The categories are: Language, Nationality, Family, Friends, Pasttimes, Job, Food, Festivals, Religion, Music
Step 1 - For 1 minute think about what these categories mean to you.  Eg Festivals for you might be "Presents at christmas, juggling at Strawberry fair"
Step 2 - imagine you fall under the power of an authority that will strip your life of one of these. Eg A job forces you to move to a different country where they don't speak English.  Or a doctor bans you from eating all your usual foods.
Step 3 - Which one would you least miss?  What if the authority now stripped another category from your life.  Rank the 10 categories in order, from first to go to last to go.  eg "TRIVIAL->IMPORTANT: Music, Nationality, Festivals, Job, Family, Pasttimes, Job, Religion, Food, Friends"

Are these supposed to be an orthogonal set of categories? It takes quite some imagination, for instance, to imagine communicating with friends without being able to use language, and it'd have to be a very odd definition of "pasttimes" for it not to affect / be affected by many of the others.. - MoonShadow
More or less orthogonal, yes.  It isn't all language being stripped from you, just your current one.  Same with friends, food, job, etc.  The original context was considering the impact of various changes upon a child being adopted. --DR

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