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Made out of Cows.
Or not as the bse may be
possibly a product of the fall much to AlexChurchill's distress. Everytime he eats he is filling himself with the fruit of sin.
Would the OP care to back up this assertion with some argument?
The line above is by DivinitySam, so almost certainly the anwer is "no" ;) It was after all only "possibly" that every time I eat I'm consuming a product of the fall.  And besides, there are some times when I don't eat cheese... I think... there must be...  --AC
On a similar note, I had a fun discussion on Sunday with a language teacher, who apparently gets told occasionally that teaching people to understand foreign languages is baaad because God imposed Babel upon us to stop the whole world cooperating and understanding each other...  --AC
Damn straight - which explains why I can't even begin to understand why those people are allowed to breathe ;)  --Vitenka
(PeterTaylor) It would be interesting to hear the thoughts of those objecting to teaching foreign languages on world mission (and Biblical exegesis, come to that).
...correction... Cheese is not made out of Cows - merely /by/ Cows - or rather the milk to make the Cheese is made by Cows.

Oh, that's what they want you to think.  Stomach lining, anyone?  --Vitenka

Did you know that the Moon is made from stuff seismically similar to Cheese?
As can be clearly seen at [Google Moon] if you zoom in enough.

Cheese sandwiches now have a specific measurable level of cheesiness: [1]

If you're worried about eating cow produce, you could go for goat's cheese instead.  Just don't allow yourself to be feta'ed by it!

[Guy encased in cheese for 48 hours in Blaine-parody stunt] (in 2003)

[Cheese or font?] (silly game)

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SeeAlsoHighEnergyCheeseLab, DanceOfTheManyCheeses, http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/somerset/6501889.stm
OP = AlanRoberts (at a guess)
Also CategoryAwfulPun, due to the last line.

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