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I got you a ham.

Is it, BoilingHot??

Just the way you like it.

Give ham to DevilBunny!  Mrmm num num.

(Sensibly, a CheapAss BoardGame.  Not that it gets very sensible.)

The plot to which is worth repeating:
You and your friends are living pleasant and complete lives in Happyville.
You are highly trained and well-paid sous-chefs, who have decided to climb to the top of a tall building, as fast as you can.
DevilBunny Needs a Ham.
And he's pretty sure that knocking you off the building will help him get one.
Perhaps he is right.
Perhaps he is not.

It's cool.

CategoryGames, CategoryVoices, CategoryRandom

MaintainMe Move to CheapAss/DevilBunnyNeedsAHam? for consistency?  Same with DevilBunnyHatesTheEarth and LordOfTheFries. Or perhaps the other way round: MagicTheGathering isn't WizardsOfTheCoast/MagicTheGathering?, SettlersOfCatan isn't SomeCompany/SettlersOfCatan?. Perhaps the CheapAss/ subpages should be moved out: it's not like reifying StarbaseJeff? will use up much namespace. --AlexChurchill
I'd say that major games (as in, known about or played by a large number of people who use the wiki) should stay seperate.  It's natural to say DevilBunnyHatesTheEarth.  (Um, don't quote that out of context) It isn't particularly natural to say "Four thousand AD" (not making that a WikiWord to emphasise point) without also explaining that it is a game.  --Vitenka

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