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[Broccoli] [Nyo]!
(Machine translate: [Broccoli Nyo]!)

You evil person! Now I'm going to have to watch all of those again.. - MoonShadow

Why, thank you.  It's not like it's that much of a chore though - they are short.  --Vitenka

Watch which? Can't see/find links on that page for something to watch. Can you point in a clarifying fashion? --AlexChurchill

Gah.  InfoDump? time.

DigiCharat is a series of anime shorts by a company called Broccoli that were intended, at least in part, to advertise a chain of shops owned by that company (corroboration [here]).
The character DigiCharat is the main character within said anime, and is also one of the mascots of that shop.  (As are the other major characters of the anime)

The 'watch that' probably referred to those anime episodes / commercials.  Those webpages are the official site for the shop, the official site for the anime and an automatic translation of the site.  I'm surprised they don't offer anything for download there.  You can find DigiCharat anywhere you can find DecentAnime.  (And hey, I doubt BroccoliNyo? mind me saying that)

Anyway.  They are cute 2 minute bursts of pure insanity.  And then there are some holiday specials.  And a movie.  BroccoliNyo? started something they don't seem to be able to stop.

You can also buy the hats.

Oh - to forestall your next question.
DigiCharat says nyo at the end of every sentence for no reason we can understand, but hey she's an alien nyo.
PetitCharat says nyu at the end of every sentence, again for no comprehensible reason, but hey she's cute nyu.
Gemma says gema at the end of every blah blah blah and no one really takes any notice because it drones on and on about pointless things like responsibility gema.

Those sounds do not translate nyo.


At one point I found what seemed to be the opening sequence to DigiCharatFantasy? (although I'm now having doubts about that title, I'll have to try to find it again).  Based on the opening alone, it looked to be a DigiCharat anime with a pretty good budget/high quality animation and *horror* a plot...  Does anyone know anything more? (or better yet, where to get some?) - Kazuhiko

There is an AMV with that name, and an AMV that makes digicharat look like a real anime with a budget...  they may not be the same thing though.
MoreInfo?.  There is a game and a book, title DigiCharatFantasy?.  Still can't find an anime though.

Note: Definitely not /PanyoPanyoDigiCharat

DigiCharatFantasy? is (and sadly only ever was) a ComputerGame for the DreamCast and PlayStation2?. Despite having played a little of it, though, I've still no idea what kind of game it is. Possibly a very strange CRPG. - tjm

(On the subject of DigiCharat with a budget and high quality animation...)

As of April 2003, a new series, DigiCharatNyo, has been airing on Japanese TV. Seems like a return to the roots of the series; simple, madcap, with a bizarre and inexplicable cast of thousands, where thousands is actually in single figures. Unfortunately, as of the time of writing - May 2003 - no-one has dared sub any of it. The opening credits are pure, concentrated genius.

And there should be a link here to the GalaxyAngel page. Yes, I know such a page currently doesn't exist, but when it does this should link to it.

 - tjm

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