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2003-09-05 00:00

Start of a new heartbeat (currently 48 hours long)

/WorldState is updated to show: 
   * Primus : Water : 14
  * Secundus : Fire : 11
  * Tertius : Earth : 9
  * Quartus : Air : 6

2003-09-05 14:00

Dornkirk -> Meruru (aim): Hi Meruru, will you be at games evening tonight?  I'd like to do something about the wording of Rule 33 (No particular 2 players may be at 2 successive Meetings.)

2003-09-05 17:30

Meruru -> Dornkirk (aim): Sure, sounds worthwhile.  Let's meet then, and get Van and Allen's help.

2003-09-05 20:00

At the games evening:

Meruru: Van, Allen; Dornkirk and I are about to have a quick Meeting of Mages - want to participate?
Van: Sure
Allen: You're not going to steal any of my pawns are you?
Dornkirk: Relax, we just want to have a look at Rule 33
Allen: Ok, I agree.
Meruru: As a wielder of Primus I declare this Meeting of the Mages Meruru, Allen, Van and Dornkirk in session.  Dornkirk - you wanted to say something about Rule 33?
Dornkirk: Yeah, I'd like to alter its wording to say "No player may meet with any specific other player twice in a row, within the same heartbear."
Van: Better to word it "2 times in a row" 'cos having that as a number makes it easier to alter later.
Allen: You can't do that.  You need the help of Primus to lower the rule to 49 or below before you can change the wording wholesale like that.  As a high Water mage, I'm open to offers.
Dornkirk: Blackmail!  Can't I persuade you to support this for the good of the World?
Allen: No.  I have AAAAWWWW, and Air sucks right now on 6.  I want the Strength of Air raised by one in return for my support.
Van: For the World Revolution, I shall happily throw my humble AAAAAWWW behind the idea.
Allen: Enough with the Utena quotes already
Van: Since you can't use your Secundus on Rule 33 yet, can you use it on Rule 34 (A planned raise or lower of a rule may be of up to 8 positions in the Hierarchy.) to increase the number of positions we can move a rule by, to speed up getting 33 down to 49?
Dornkirk (confused and utterly missing how much this strengthens Primus): sure
Allen: You're crazy.  Meruru, Dornkirk is obviously too irresponsible to be let play with fire - help me change out one of his Fire pawns?
Meruru: Sure, let's swap it for one of Van's air
Van: Hey!  I'm not letting you do that!  I'm leaving.
Meruru: Sorry, you can leave physically, but as a Mage who agreed to participate in this Meeting, the presence of your pawns cannot be withdrawn.  Allen, together you and I form a master of Primus.  You back me on that rules interpretation?
Allen: Yep
Van: Drat and double drat
Dornkirk: Hey, tell you what, I'll boost Earth a bit.  From Water, ok?
Allen: I don't think so.  Rule 30 (Element X may not be inceased in strength at the expense of element Y by a Meeting unless there are more pawns of X than Y present at the Meeting.).  How much Fire do people have?
Dornkirk: I'm the only Fire disciple here.  Fine, that works.
Meruru: I need to go - Settlers is starting.  Are we agreed on the actions?
Van, Meruru: We, the Masters of Primus, with 7 water between us, shall propose that Rule 33 be lowered 8 positions.
Dornkirk: As Master of Secundus, I shall propose that the numeral "8" in rule 34 be increased to "10".  And as Master of Tertius I decree that Earth shall increase in Strength by 1 at the expense of Fire.
Allen, Meruru: We, the masters of Quartus, hereby enact a spell of realignment to swap 1 pawn of Air prowess from Van with 1 pawn of Fire prowess from Dornkirk
Allen: I'll add it to the Twiki and send out the vote

2003-09-05 20:10

Meeting ends.  Van is now AAAAWWWF and Dornkirk is now EEEEEEFA
When they next log in to the Wiki they will update their own entries in the /MageList

2003-09-05 23:00

Allen updates /WorldState to show, in the pending section, Earth +1, Fire -1,
and the /History? log to show who was responsible.

Allen also updates the /PendingVotes showing the two proposals made at the meeting as requiring voting upon during the next heartbeat.

2003-09-07 00:00

Start of next heartbeat

/WorldState is updated to show: 
   * Primus : Water : 14
  * Secundus : Fire : 10
  * Tertius : Earth : 10
  * Quartus : Air : 6

As Earth has not overtaken Fire in Strength, their Powers remain the same.

An email goes out to the interested mages list, showing the proposals to be voted upon during this heartbeat.

2003-09-07 09:00

Votes come back from most of the Mages.
Proposal A (under the influence of Water) is: Move rule 33 down to 41
Proposal B (under the influence of Fire) is: Change rule 34 to allow changes by 10 places

Van (AAAAWWWF) votes  YES on A (with 3 W), NO on B (with 1 F)
Meruru (AAEEWWWW) votes YES on A (with 4 W)
Dornkirk (EEEEEEFA) votes YES on B (with 1 F)
Dilandou (FFFFFFFF) votes NO on B (with 8 F)

Result: A passes, B fails

A gets listed in the Pending passed rule changes section

2003-09-09 00:00

Start of next heartbeat

Ruleset is edited to include the effect of proposal A

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