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This was the first test match with my rules suggestions. Funny and chaotic and with a global +4/+4 for everyone from the start. In the end, the game was decided by a nearly-broken card on my side. The experiences of this game helped me to modify my rules variants (See Game 4 for an application of the latest set of rules.) -- Grumpf
"Nearly" broken? "1: make a 1/1 token" sounds pretty clearly broken to me, even without the global +4/+4. I'd have rerolled that one like a shot. :) Token generation is just too powerful in the format - so powerful in fact that I tried to make the Generator such that costs for it should always be at least 4 mana, I'm surprised you got a card like that at all. I'll have another look at the costs of token generation. --AC
well the "nearly broken" card was the Tome of Diversity wich allowed me to draw and play four cards for W (we added the tap cost to prevent me from drawing 12 cards). I think i would have won over the next few turns without the token generator. I had enough creatures left in hand. --Grumpf

I'd like to test the following rules variants -- Grumpf
  1. Mana/Land? Rule changes to stress the typical color/mana matters of the game, which i really like. Plus, it creates interesting decisions like "should i drop my joker land now, without knowing what colours i might need later" and so on. And one might be a bit happier about getting an utopia.)
    1. Players start with no land in play
    2. Every Player starts with a hand of 2 "Joker lands" and two "secret cards" (see Hand/Play? Rule changes)
    3. The Joker lands in hand are lands with "As ~this~ comes into play, choose a basic land type. ~this~ comes into play as a basic land with that type." (i.e., your choice of a Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain or Forest)
    4. Each turn during the draw/generate card phase, the active player has a 50% chance of getting another Joker land into his hand (in addition to generating a card).
    5. The rules for turning generated cards into Utopia are still valid. If you do turn an unplayable card into a Utopia, that prevents you from dropping another land that turn.
  2. Hand/Play? Rule changes to make this brilliant game even more strategic
    1. After generating a card (that's not "truly sick"), a player may decide to keep that card in his hand without showing it to the other player(s)
    2. A player who does this just writes something like "Generated and kept: SecretCardXYZ? with signature ABC" into the game log. (And copies the function of the card into the text editor of his choice - for later use). The signature is generated with the ToothyWikiInternals/SignatureServer.
    3. If a player wants to play a spell from hand, he/she writes something like "playing my SecretCardXYZ?: <Cardname> <Cardtext>" into the game log. Take care to copypaste the text exactly, so that the signature can be verified.
    4. The "one spell per turn"-Rule is cancelled.
    5. The maximum hand size is 4.
    6. If a player has to discard a card due to hand size limitation, any opponent may pay (2) or 2 life to force the discarding player to play the card instead. (This rule prevents players from collecting all the bad cards in hand without having to play them. Let there be madness and chaos*g)


Turn 1, Grumpf

Barrier around nothing
Enchantment (white)
protection from creatures with total power and toughness less than 4
-- This card does nothing, so it is an utopia land, which i put into play. -- Grumpf
Mystic Man
Creature - Elf Shaman (1/3, green)
All Shamans are artifacts as well as their types
All creatures get +4/+4

Turn 1, Mime

Improbable Warrior
Creature - Human Knight (3/2, white)
When ~this~ comes into play, ~this~ deals 1 damage to target attacking or blocking creature. This damage can't be redirected.
All Spirits gain first strike
Whenever ~this~ blocks, put a improbability counter on ~this~. If ~this~ has 6 improbability counters on it, flip it.
- - - - -
Legendary Creature - Human Knight (2/5, white)
All Knights gain Whenever you play a Equipment spell, you may return a artifact card from your graveyard to hand
--No attacking or blocking creatures, so no damage is dealt-- Mime

Turn 2, Grumpf

Merfolk Charm
Instant (white)
Choose one: up to 3 target blue creatures get +1/+1 until end of turn; or each player may search his or her library for 2 land cards and put them into play. Each player who searched his or her library this way shuffles it.; or you may search your library for a artifact card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. If you do so, shuffle that library afterwards.
-- I choose the artifact searching mode. Calling the Generator some times, the first generated artifact is:
Mechanic Gnome
Artifact Creature - Golem (2/1, artifact)
Whenever you play a Equipment spell, draw a card

Turn 2, Mime

Little Snake
Instant - Arcane (green)
target player puts a 1/1 green Snake creature token into play
--targeting me again, of course-- Mime

Turn 3, Grumpf

Crazy Cat
Creature - Cat (1/2, white)
Tap an untapped Spirit you control, T: put a improbability counter on target creature
All creatures with improbability counters on them gain protection from Slivers
WW: untap target creature with a improbability counter on it
At the beginning of each player's upkeep, each player may search his or her library for 4 basic land cards and put them into hand. Each player who searched his or her library this way shuffles it.
When ~this~ is removed from the game, tap target Soldier
All artifacts gain 3WWWUU: each player may return a Equipment card from his or her graveyard to hand and destroy target red enchantment and each player may return any number of cards from his or her graveyard to play
--ok then.. lets go for some action:
-- Before blocking, I play my card 4 (2cc3ed894e88104c0bc7a56da9d02f4c): -- Mime
   Mighty Gnome
  Artifact Creature - Gnome Wizard (1/2, artifact)
  You may play ~this~ any time you could play an instant.
  All blue creatures may not attack

   Now I block Mytic Man with [5/6] Mighty Gnome and the Mechanic Gnomes with my [5/5] Snake token.
-- Damage on stack? -- Mime
--- Yeah, seams like my mechanic Gnome kills your snake token and vice versa. Damage on stack. I won't do anything else in this turn -- Grumpf
---  I won't either. I'll put your Gnome into your graveyard. -- Mime

Turn 3, Mime

-~-- I dont block and take the damage -- Grumpf
Cobra of Death
Creature - Snake (3/1, green and black)
At the beginning of each opponent's main phase, you may pay G. If you do, each player may put two cards from hand into play
Whenever one or more creatures are put into a graveyard from play, you may Sacrifice ~this~. If you don't, destroy target artifact you control
At the beginning of your upkeep, draw a card

Turn 4, Grumpf

Angry Ancestor
Creature - Spirit (1/1, white)
~this~ comes into play with 5 +1/+1 counters on it
Sacrifice a legendary creature, remove X +1/+1 counters from ~this~, where X is the number of creature types among creatures any player controls: target opponent reveals the top 2 cards of his or her library. that player puts a artifact card from among them into hand and put the rest into his or her graveyard
-- URGH, what a monster... *g*

Turn 4, Mime

Brave Underdog
Creature - Goblin Samurai (1/2, red)
bushido 4
spells or abilities cost your opponents 1 more to play
Whenever ~this~ becomes blocked, put a +1/+1 counter on ~this~
Remove a +1/+1 counter from ~this~: add 3 mana of any one colour to your mana pool
When ~this~ leaves play, you may pay 1. If you do, target blue creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn
-- Phew, quite lucky... -- Mime
Poisoned Forest
T: add G to your mana pool
Whenever an opponent draws a card, target player may Pay 3 life. If that player doesn't, ~this~ deals X damage to target creature or player, where X is the number of poison counters any player has. If a creature damaged this way would be put into a graveyard this turn, remove it from the game instead.
--Does this count as Utopia? If not, i'm also fine with a Forest with useless skills --Mime?

Turn 5, Grumpf

-- i really suggest dropping that diceroll-copy-signature stuff. It would take much less time if we would just trust each other and just say "i got a joker land" or "i keep/play a card". Since i trust you far enough to accept the cards you generated, i should be able to trust you in the other stuff as well. -- Grumpf
Tome of Diversity
W,T: draw X cards, where X is the number of colours among creatures an opponent controls
2: ~this~ gains protection from tapped creatures until end of turn
-- might be a bit strong, but its not an instant win and you have card drawing too, plus its not sooo terribly broken like some other stuff i've seen here, plus i like the second ability. I'll keep it unless you veto*g -- Grumpf
-- added tapping cost to make this card "fair" -- Grumpf
Baby Tree of elven mass-invasion
Creature - Treefolk (1/1, green)
1: put a 1/1 green Elf creature token into play
"Take that, [Verdant_Force]"

Irritated Ghost
Creature - Spirit (2/2, white)
3: unless any player pays W, target opponent gains X life, where X is the amount of mana in your mana pool
T: ~this~ can block an additional creature until end of turn
-- I block with Brave Underdog and Mighty Gnome -- Mime
-~-- assign all damage to the underdog. my ancestor and your underdog die. I think you destroy your gnome (Cobra of Death's ability) -- Grumpf

Turn 5, Mime

Ghost from Horror
Creature - Spirit (3/2, black)
4BBB: an opponent receives 2 poison counters
When ~this~ leaves play, you may pay 3B. If you don't, draw 4 cards, then discard 1 card

Turn 6, Grumpf

Searing Ray
Instant (red)
~this~ deals X damage to target creature, where X is the amount of life an opponent has
Madness R
Scry 2
-- targeting your cobra
 ** Cobra dies
Wind of Life
Instant (green)
target player gains 3 life

Puts me down on 3 life, both ghosts and your Cat die, and I would use the effect of my ghost to draw 4 cards and discard one. Will you do anything else this turn? -- Mime

Heeeelp i need a mana sink
Enchantment (red)
All white creatures gain All nonlegendary lands gain At the beginning of your main phase, add 2RRR to your mana pool
-- giving your knight that ability. See if you can find a way to use up 6RRRRRRRRR -- Grumpf

Astral crow
Creature - Bird (2/2, white)
3GWU, Tap an untapped permanent you control: target player reveals cards from the top of his or her library until that player reveals a enchantment card. If that player does, that player puts that card into play and put the rest on top of his or her library in any order. If that player doesn't, that player shuffles the revealed cards into his or her library.

Hungry Boa
Creature - Snake (2/2, green)
cumulative upkeep X colourless mana, where X is the number of basic land types among lands an opponent controls

--Hehe, nice one... I just wonder whether it works in your or in my main phase... -- Mime

Anyway, let's see what my ghost will bring me..

I generate 4 cards and discard

Self-destructing Beam
Instant (black and green)
target opponent may return up to 4 cards from his or her graveyard to play

Turn 6, Mime

Generate a silly card... good game :)
Yeah nice one :=)  The ability was on all basic lands. I would have had problems to use that mana as well -- Grumpf


Grumpf (13 life)

Hand: 4

In Play:


Mime (-12 life)

Hand: 4

In Play:


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