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OK, this character has become sufficiently CURS-Exalted ubiquitious to deserve his own page. That, and StuartFraser liked him (note: SF uses the name Ilanin various other places on the web; if a post to ToothyWiki has been signed Ilanin you may assume that he wrote it.

Ledaal Ilanin is an Dragon Blooded water aspected sorceror. He firmly believes in the strength of mind over matter and regards violence as the least acceptable, but regrettably occasionally the only, solution. His array of defensive and mind-altering spells attests to this. He regards the summoning and binding of spirits as a dangerous and cruel practice, and firmly believes every wizard who has a demon go rogue on them deserved everything they got. He dislikes academic politics; and has spent much of his career studying the mysteries of the ancient and glorious first ages. Like much of his house, he sees little value in holding the Imperial throne and is more concerned with defending the Realm, Creation's bulwark against chaos, against external enemies.

What else he is depends on whose campaign you are talking about:

In AllsFairInLoveAndWar he is a direct, and knowing agent of the Bronze faction of the Sidereals; a former classmate of one of the PCs and a researcher at the heptagram. His main use so far was to track down the pirates-cum-smugglers who were running gossamer goods into the southern ports and obtain for the party a (really rather nice) ship to chase them. Oh, and to command the pirate captain to reveal his hidden base.

In Candle he is the husband of Cynis Wisel Tulas; dominie of the Rubylakid college of sorcery, and student of artifice. Whilst their marriage was political, Ilanin does respect and like Tulas - he even tolerates Tulas' extreme political views (since they're only slightly further along than his, really).

In LastFlightOfTheRavens and its offspring, Ilanin is now the Ledaal part of the city of Lookshy's ruling triumvirate. Having come into possession of a first age warwalker (Exalted ATAT) early in the campaign, Ilanin was able to repair the walker and restore it to more or less functionality. It (with attached omega beam) proved highly useful during the fighting retreat against forces which outnumbered us 200 to 1, and the lessons Ilanin learned in repairing it later allowed him to seize and repair the legendary (and erm, a bit damaged) defences of Lookshy in time to turn the Battle there. His control of these defences makes him one of the more powerful entities around, and, so he believes, one of the most obvious assassination targets. Currently very paranoid and casting around for ways to make himself very hard to assassinate; also studying Lookshy's defences and attending to the rebuilding of the city.

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