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Short for "Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou" - His and Her Circumstances.  (It can also mean Circumstances of a Boyfriend and a Girlfriend, but that's not the standard translation.)

The touching tale of a boy and girl, who go to the same HighSchool? and fall in love.

Rather impressively - and unusually for an anime HighSchoolRomance - they don't take all series to actually confess their love to each other.  The series quite quickly moves on to other aspects of their circumstances - issues with teachers' expectations, friends with dysfunctional families, rejection by schoolfriends, and suchlike.  --AlexChurchill

Both boy and girl are hilariously AbnormallyMinded? (or, to be polite, insane) and have inner monologues faster than you can read.

The directing style is suitably quirky, showing multiple things happening at once.  The best example being the recap episode which shows all the episodes so far, at high speed, in their own little windows.  And gives a narration which fits the events but which isn't very much at all to do with what actually happenned.

Tokyo is only destroyed once, all series.

I would say twice... - tjm

(It's actually very realistic and a good drama - but I watch it, as I suspect most do, for the 'what if' bits and the crazed imaginings).

MoonShadow finds it very reminiscent of KodomoNoOmocha?.

You can buy the TokyoPop manga from Amazon.  The ISBNs are:
1 =  ISBN 1931514798
2 =  ISBN 1931514801
3 =  ISBN 1591820588
4 =  ASIN 1591820596
5 =  ASIN 1591821800
6 (currently preorder) = ASIN 1591821819
7 (currently preorder) = ASIN 1591824729

Currently reading the manga after buying the first couple of volumes from Kazuhiko via SunKitten last WednesdayAnime/MarathonShowing, and absolutley loving it, considering I've never been in for romance stories before; and my god, their relationship gets further in the first two volumes than Naru and Keitaro from LoveHina did in the entire series - that's a refreshing change! macloud


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