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A romantic drama anime.  Not comedy for once, but rather angsty shoujo drama, for all that it's based on a DatingSim
If you prefer to watch your anime knowing *nothing* about them, you may wish to stop reading here.  The first 2-3 episodes may be hardest hitting if you don't have a clue what's coming.  I've tried to keep the text below as spoiler-free as possible, though, so if you want to find out more about the series (eg to find out whether or not you want to watch it), read on.


Minimal SpoilerSpace for episodes 1-3 of 14...


KimiGaNozomuEien is emphatically not a HighSchoolRomance, or some happy WAFF, whatever episodes 1 and 2 might suggest.  It is, however, a story about how people deal with the past, how people's relationships change, and how people themselves react and change when confronted with difficult, sometimes tragic, circumstances.  The anime is set in the world of young adults with jobs...  the first two episodes may be best thought of as an extended prologue.

It got knocked by some watchers for being "one of those anime in which nothing happens" (for up to a few episodes at a time).  It's true that at times the pace of plot events, major changes in circumstances, is slow, possibly irritatingly so once or twice.  But mostly this is just because it's an investigation into the characters' minds and attitudes, and so seeing their flashbacks or the way they react to day-to-day circumstances lets us get to know them better.  One fair criticism might be that it takes itself very seriously.  It certainly does manage to keep things pretty angsty and depressing quite consistently.    But it seems to be generally acclaimed for the way it's hard to predict what's going to happen, and the way the characters are realistic - they make mistakes and live in the real world, with real co-workers and so on.

It focuses on four friends who met at school: Haruka Suzumiya (the orange-haired girl), Mitsuki Hayase (the blue-haired girl), Takayuki (the pale-skinned main male character) and Shinji (the ginger guy), as well as Haruka's sister Akane (with the yellow hairband).    Haruka does acquire a personality beyond "sad weepy" and "happy weepy" mode, in case anyone wonders based on episode 1.  (Official Japanese site character guide: http://www.kiminozo.com/about/main.html#chara . If you can read Japanese text there may be spoilers in the character descriptions, but you're pretty safe otherwise.)

KimiGaNozomuEien was hailed by the AyaCon reviewer as being an anime in which some of the characters actually have sex without agonising about it for 16 episodes beforehand.  The anime treats the sex in a very serious way (I almost want to say a very shoujo way): it happens, it shows us it happens, but it doesn't focus on it for erotic effect at all.

The name means "the eternity you wish for", and seems to be typically abbreviated as "KimiNozo".

as an additon to this page, there are plans for a spin off OVA series, featuring akane as the female lead.
although the main male character looks like hes walked off the set of "fist of the north star" ill keep an open mind about it till i see it...
site adress: http://www.akamani.com  macloud
That does look distressing. I guess I'll check it out, but I fear I will find that main guy impossible to take seriously: he looks like he's from Gekigangar! --AlexChurchill
Go Gekigangar!!! --Tsunami (and yes, he really does look like he comes from that famous seventies anime!)

And just in case people weren't convinced that things are silly, there is a CCG called RumblingAngel?, [featuring] [characters] [from] KimiGaNozomuEien as well as from other games published by âge software and others. [Screenshot of the computer game]: spot cards of Mitsuki and Haruka on the table, and the red- and green-haired nurses in the player's hand.  There's card lists [here]; one can see on [the first one] the characters linked above. Haruka is card #7, Akane's #23 and Mitsuki's #27. The game's five "attributes" (think alignments, colours, or elements) appear to be "Cute / Moe" (the ribbon), Water, Love, and ones represented by a cross and a coin. Card #72 in the [non-character cards] appears to be five-colour. The game's webpage also has [photos from tournaments]. Quite a [lot] of them, in fact.

Pallando wouldn't say nothing happens in it.  He would say that nothing happens in it that is out of the ordinary.  Ie if it were filmed with live actors instead of being anime, it would be mainstream rather than scifi, fantasy or action.  Which is fine and many people like 'character studies'.  What I wonder is why people who normally wouldn't touch that sort of film with a barge pole when filmed with live actors suddenly start to like it when animated?
Good question. Maybe I would like it with live actors, I just never try it. I'm not against romance per se, just romantic comedy. The particularly irritating style that is prevalent in Hollywood films, I think, but I don't like LoveHina much either - SunKitten
maybe because it was a spin off of the original dating sim? its happened before with other dating sims [kannon for example?]
either that or it was the two waitresses.... macloud
Kanon could not be filmed with live actors - at least, not without special effects (at which point it ceases to be normal) :) - SunKitten

shock news


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