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Here by accident. Live at UniversityOfCambridge (TrinityCollege), host a Wiki called Peri, and love a good WebComic. Hence, here by the power of Google over men. (Or idiot-CompSci men, anyway.)

Find me [here], or [here], or [here].
(PeterTaylor) I didn't realise you were a CompSci - did you switch to the diploma after PartIIIMaths?
No, they let me right in. Bwahahahahahahahahaha...ahem. -- KritTer

[Based on just the first paragraph above:] There, that should be enough for anyone to hunt me down. A prize to the first to post my birth-name! (Note: no reward will be given. Even if you edit this page to make it look more like it actually will.)

CocoaDev? finds you faster, I think.  So, since Peri is in ToothyCat, why do we call you KritTer?  --Vitenka  (Oh, hi!  Please feel free to join the conversations in progress, or any of the other ones!  More viewpoints are better!)

Oooh, fast! I blinked and missed it. Do I know you on CocoaDev?? As to calling me KritTer, it's my assumed name; Peri sounded wiki-able (PeriPeri to strangers, you see); and Google found me a clone of my hand-crafted Wiki engine, so pride (and 30 irrelevant links or so) brought me here :) -- KritTer

I'd never even heard of CocoaDev?.  Behold the power of google!  (And now I can't find the search I did.  Peri+Wiki finds you too - but via your homepage / trinity page and then real name via finger hermes - but I can't do finger from here.  Peri+Wiki+Cambridge finds you even more directly - RealName as the first link, the URL on UseMod.  Ahh.. Peri+CompSci must have been it.)  --Vitenka  (What I meant for 'why not call you Peri' was that PhoenixFeathers/Peri already exists, so we can use that.  And since it's the usual question for a HomePage? - how did KritTer come about?)

Oh, right. Well, about the time I first started prowling Wiki sites, I decided my old user-name was ... ahem ... unsuitable. (Youthful exuberance.) "Kritter" was not far away, and sounded like something out of StarCraft, so I chose it, and wiki-fied it for CocoaDev?. Since then, I have kept it for Wiki sites, though as an alias for MeatBall: MeatBall and WikiWikiWeb: WardsWiki that prefer RealNames. Alas, the story is no more interesting than that. But I could spend the night thinking one up, if you'd like. -- KritTer

Might be a good idea for a category.  Just practicing my DinnerParties ;)  --Vitenka

Man, this is one sprawling, active Wiki. Ouch.

Actually, on the "active" front, I suspect it's the product of a common side-trait of CambridgeLife: verbal diarrhoea. And another: rampantly too much free time.

-- KritTer

Sprawling? Yup.  The ToothyWiki front page and the TourBusStop both say that there's no set subject.  Thus neatly avoiding the ToothyWiki/SignalToNoise problems of WikiWikiWeb? and others.  Active? Yup... not so much due to CopiousFreeTime as to RecentChangesAddicts, I think.  A number of the most active ToothyWikizens have full-time jobs and busy social lives too.  Verbal diarrhoea?  Well, if enjoying playing with words (and enjoying a good debate) can be so described, then I guess so... --AlexChurchill

I believe the disorder is logohrrhoeal verbosity. Didn't succincts set riddles for wisdom in olden times. (Stand still for long enough and you'll get pun around.) Garbled

::Stares in good-natured, blank incomprehension at Garbled for a while:: "I'm sorry, wha?" Incidentally, so I'm not mistaken, I like the effect of verbal diarrhoea ... I mean ... [logorrhoea] ... since it can be filtered to genius. Even when, as in my case, it's not, just an electronium hat. (Kudos to the first to write the full quote I'm thinking of. Extra, wavy things on your imaginary kudos if you don't use any kind of search engine!) -- KritTer

You're referring to the "Mars University" episode of Futurama, but I don't remember the line about diarrhoea, the closest line I can think of is "Oh, please. That's preposterous science fiction mumbo jumbo. Gunther's intelligence actually lies in his electronium hat, which harnesses the power of sunspots to produce cognitive radiation." or maybe the bit at the end where Gunther is contemplating whether he prefers the hat or not and then the branch breaks... (Side note - that episode is one of my favourites. I must have seen it at least 5 times and it's still hilarious). --qqzm


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