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For some reason this page doesn't exist yet. So I created it. Better than doing microscopy, anyway.

Mario Kart is an arcade racing game developed and published by Nintendo?. The original was on the SNES/Super? Famicom; every Nintendo console since has had a version of it released.

It belongs to the "all the competitors are cheating bastards" school of arcade racing game probably started by Wacky Races; one can win by out-driving one's opponents, but it is generally easier to shoot at them.

Because this is a Nintendo game, this is done using brightly coloured shells rather than machine guns or heat-seeking missiles. There are a variety of other things that can be picked up (by driving over/through question marks) but the shells are the most memorable. Hitting a kart with a weapon will generally cause it to spin off, losing its speed and a few seconds of time. There is also a battle mode in which the objective is to hit the other people three times with whatever weapons are to hand.

All forms of play are generally considered fun.

The Wii edition is coming out on April 11 2008 in the UK. StuartFraser will probably be buying it.
JOOI, if I do go and buy it, would there be any interest in a MarioKart (+ random other games, doubtless) afternoon party thing? In some alternate universe whereby I've managed to write the first draft of my PFP2008 article by then? --SF
I'd be interested, although will probably have trouble balancing it around trying to get both project and revision done. --Androidkiller

Got it in the end.  Friend Code available by request on ToothyChat. --SGB

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