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A seriously deranged column of short-stories by CLAMP.
Involves a girl almost being molested by a lot of other girls in rather bizzare situations that might or might not be dreams. 
Caution! Extreme strangeness, do not read.

That's... um.  No, I suspect that this is roughly fair.
Is this the same thing as the TV show about a girl who they think is a witch?  --Vitenka
I really have no idea.  Could be.  --FR
No - SunKitten

Also an anime, apparently.  Comments, anyone?
Very pretty, very, very dodgy ;) And you'll never get the music out of your head... - SunKitten
I second those motions.  Very very very strange.  Also quite compelling, as you try and guess which scene they're going to mangle next.  Something tells me that 'heart magic' wasn't quite the way in which TweedledumAndTweedledee? were going to have a battle... --Vitenka

CategoryAnime/EpisodeSynopsis:  The video is multiple TwoMinutesOfCrack sequences in direct mockery of the books, strung together in truly arbitrary order.  Occasionally the heroine wakes up, only to repeat her "Oh no, I'm late" morning, with variations (including being pulled through the mirror instead of falling down the rabbit-hole with the white BunnyGirl?.)  Sample mockeries include tweedle-twins who escaped from RanmaHalf, Strip-Chess, the cheshire CatGirl? and the playing cards being positively gleeful about the prospect of the red queen punishing them.  Very very very dodgy.  --Vitenka

CategoryAnime AliceInWonderland

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