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Described as "a 24-hours a day tea party" by an inmate friend of StuartFraser's, NewHall is quite possibly the strangest college in Cambridge, which is quite a heavily contested title.

It is a HillCollege with impressively ugly and somewhat high-maintenance architecture; notably the celebrated (by some, anyway) /Dome?. Most NewHallers? somewhat half-heartedly defend the college's architecture - to be neutral, you could call it modern.

It's also all-female.

Largely due to the juxtaposition of the above, NewHall gets less applicants than any other college; as a result, some 60% of the student population actually applied somewhere else and were "pooled" to NH. As a result, the college suffers somewhat from collective LowSelfEsteem?.
AlexChurchill observed during his first year, during which I chatted to approximately equal numbers of NewHall and RobinsonCollege first-year undergrads, that both of them receive more than 50% of their students from the Pool.  However, the majority of the Robinson pooled people seemed to end up loving the place, whereas the majority of the NewHall pooled people seems to rather think NewHall was a dump.  I was more complimentary about their college than the majority of the NewHallers? I was speaking to.  --AC

Quite why these factors combine to make NewHall students (or at least, all of the ones StuartFraser knows) some of the most sociable and congenial people in Cambridge, nobody knows.
It's all Bayesian. The only N.H. students SF knows are the sociable ones because they're the only ones who make it down the hill.
You mean it's like the TrinityHall Students who succeed in escaping are the least insular?
Even NewHallers? have to attend lectures/practicals.

Known colloquially as the Virgin Megastore. I really have no idea why.
Cut the Rhetoric, dear man.  (woman, or child).

[New Hall]


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