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StuartFraser has a great many female friends, many of whom are attractive, charming and generally good company.

StuartFraser is an EligibleBachelor, or something approximating to it.

StuartFraser often talks to Sally.

If StuartFraser mentions the name of one of those female friends in a conversation more than once, Sally becomes inquisitive. StuartFraser generally makes a noncommittal comment indicating that he likes the subject of the query.

Occasionally, StuartFraser makes a more committal comment indicating much the same thing.

In either case, Sally (who could possibly count as a NotGirlfriend herself) becomes excited and repeatedly asks StuartFraser about the girl (who has now become a NotGirlfriend) on a regular basis. If he was foolish enough to make a committal comment, Sally will ask StuartFraser every time she sees him.
I can't be a NotGirlfriend, I'm someone elses girlfriend!
Since when have I been allowed to use that as an excuse to get you to stop asking questions about them? -RA
Sympathy, RA - Sally is obviously a particularly persistent NotGirlfriend-detector who will stop at nothing to inuend or imply connections where none exist... I suggest you do not let her encourage MoonShadow or AngelaRayner to join in ;) --MJ
Now Sally is married I think she can legitimately be a NotGirlfriend --RobHu
StuartFraser wonders if MikeJeggo had/has the same problem.
You bet! :) --MikeJeggo

TheInquisitor has the same problem. He has adopted a policy of denying nothing, so as to render any information gleaned by this method unreliable.
StuartFraser recalls that this is not the first time TheInquisitor has adopted this policy. In general, it seems to work quite well for him.
The thing is that now it's public knowledge, TI risks people taking the mick by announcing loudly in his presence that he's engaged to {insert appropriate name}.
If they do it in an entertaining fashion, then more power to them. If not, then it is they who risk derision. I see no problem. -- TI
TI has in the past shown a degree of flexibility in this policy - for example, he has frequently been known to deny that he is playing Assassins this term.
That, however, is accepted shorthand for 'yes, but it would be impolite to admit it'.  -- TI
Would TI deny that the many denials on his HomePage? can be attributed to him? --SF
''Certainly not. Denying everything is another policy I have been known to adopt. Heh, face it - I can do obscure if I want to... -- TI
It is my policy.... -- Senji
It is my policy.... -- Senji

RobHu was asked tonight if someone was his NotGirlfriend?. The way it was phrased though suggested that a NotGirlfriend? is at a place on the girlfriend scale that is less than one but greater than zero.

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