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Has anyone seen any of this http://www3.nhk.or.jp/anime/planetes/ it looks cool :-) --Mjb67

AlexChurchill has seen episodes 1-2 and wasn't that taken with it; not bad, just not paticularly grabbing. On the other hand, I know Tsunami really rather likes it.
Update: Another series I'm glad Tsunami made us stick at. This gets really good. One of my favourite aspects is the way it has A, B and C plots: i.e. while every episode is definitely an episode and has a plot to itself, there is also gradual and building things going on in the background: both characterisation, characters and their relationships changing, and political machinations. I also like the way that more than once we've seen someone who at first I thought was a one-episode character turn up again later, often more significantly. The whole thing is rather reminiscent of about series 2 of BabylonFive. This is a good thing. (Although I doubt Planetes will pull off quite such a cosmic sweeping story as B5 did.) --AlexChurchill

Is this correct capitalisation, can anyone confirm?
I'd guess that it's a fansubber that coined this capitalisation, to make people say 'planet-S' instead of 'planeets'.  The Japanese name is just PLANETESU or 'planets'.  --Mjb67
No, my mistake (or rather, NHKs :-) ).  The official website (http://www.planet-es.net/) reckons planet-es, so PlanetES seems sensible. --Mjb67
Question: wouldn't the katakana for "planets" be PLANETSU, not PLANETESU? (Well, PURANETSU, but there's no ambiguity there.) Using TE-SU seems unusual for a normal imported plural word when I've seen several -ts imported words come out as -TSU. --AlexChurchill, ready to be corrected
The correct capitalisation is in fact Planetes. it is greek for wanderers, and where we get the word planets from. --Tsunami


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