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How can one possibly hope to describe the very essence of madness here?
Er, OK I will have a go...

This anime is total overload from the word go.

There is quite a lot of adult content in this one so beware!

A parody brought to you by those nice friendly people who created ExcelSaga.
Essentially, it is the story of a young girl (Poemi Watanabe) who wants to be a voice actress, but unfortunately for her, she is terrible at it.
Instead, she becomes a parody of the magical girl genre of anime (her MagicalGirlTransformationSequence? involves gutting a fish).

After her parents (Nabeshin and Kumi-Kumi from ExcelSaga) are killed by an alien that spouts gibberish, she joins a team of sisters who are trying to protect the Earth from attack. But they have no powers of any use whatsoever (one of them can do a nice break fall tho....)

Other than that there isn't really a lot of plot to talk about, instead of which there are jokes and sight gags that come at you with incredible rapidity (don't blink, you will miss a few!).
Not an anime for the faint hearted, but if you like your anime MAX STRENGTH, they this might just be for you.

Spoilerish section ahead:

The end is an attack on the kind of people who watch anime (as well as being in extremely bad taste). Very clearly saying "You disgusting lot" to its audience. See, nothing is sacred in this series.
I would have to add that it is wise to watch a lot of anime before watching the first episode, otherwise, as I did, you won't find it very funny.  The jokes are mostly too subtle.  However, the crazed insanity is pretty good.  --Vitenka (I preferred ExcelSaga)
You aren't meant to *like* it. You're meant to be mortified at it pointing out the deepest darkest recesses of your soul - at the ways it says, "You see, you laughed at that? You horrible person.". ;) --AC
So, what does the fact that I liked it say about me as a person?
To clarify - I only watched the first episode...  I think you're meant to like that.  --Vitenka
Fair enough.  FWIW - I also prefer ExcelSaga :) --AC

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