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Repetitive Strain Injury.  Sometimes used as a catchall term for computing-related injuries.  AlexChurchill has suffered from "tenosynivitis", an RSI relating to inflammation of the tendons.  [other ToothyWikizens] have suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you use a computer regularly (particularly for large amounts of time, eg a fulltime job), then don't think of computing-related injuries as things that happen to other people. And don't think you can just shrug off low-level pain, either: it can progress into moderate non-stop pain rising to severe pain any time you move your hands in only a week.

There are a number of straightforward things one can do to significantly reduce the stress caused by typing (and mousing, which is also significant - AC suffers the most pain in his mouse-scroll-wheel finger).

"To give your fingers a rest, try using the mouse in a different hand occasionally."  The advice sounds reasonable, until you start wondering which other hand it means you to use.  --Vitenka

Apparently someone seems to have felt that RSI doesn't sound cool enough or something, as it has now been renamed OOS (occupational overuse syndrome). Yet another foresign of the apocalypse perhaps?
When reading about RSIAwarenessWeek, I discovered surprising amounts of people saying "RSI is too specific. You should really call them Upper Limb Disorders"... --AlexChurchill
Technically accurate though - RSI refers specifically to a repeated motion (of the wrist).  And really, though the most obvious one, it's not the only problem associated with sitting at a desk all day typing.  So I expect health professionals will baulk at using a specific term in a general way, and eveyrone else will go on doing it.  --Vitenka
Jenn was told it should be called forearm overuse disorder, so as not to aggravate employers unnecessarily. She now has a Maltron lefthanded keyboard. -- ColinT.
She now has the UberFancyKeyboard? mentioned above, too.  But it was at work, so we couldn't have a go on it. :( --M-A
(PeterTaylor) That's a stupid name. Firstly, it's the fingers and wrist which are overused. Secondly, it implies the pain is restricted to the forearms, which isn't true.
IIRC, RSI (standing for RepetitiveStrainInjury?) can apply to any part of the body that is injured through repetitive actions. For instance, your ankle if you listen to music all day and tap your foot to it. However, CarpalTunnelSyndrome? is specific to the wrists. --Admiral
(PeterTaylor) The carpal tunnel is in the wrists, yes. I was never given a term for the RSI problems I had, so it's possible I didn't have CTS, and probable that I had more than CTS. Judging by the location of the pain, there seemed to be inflammation around the tendons for the length of my forearms, and there were about three significant pain sites in my upper arms. That's the main point I wanted to make.

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