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A CardGame version of PuertoRico.

Angoel played it at Essen last October, and was not entirely convinced by it - there seem to be slightly too many mechanics for slightly too little game, and I'm not convinced that using your hand size to represent how much money you have is good, because when you have lots of resources, you get an insane amount of AnalysisParalysis.  But that's based on only one playing, so my opinion may have to be revised when it gets revisited. --Angoel

Oh!  I've played the card-game of this, now.  It's a lot simpler than the main game - which says a lot of bad things about the main game, if you ask me.  I'm entirely bad at it, of course.  Definately needs practice and a good view of what buildings exist.  The card game also needs a healthy dose of luck.  (I saw only one silver mine through two whole games!)  --Vitenka
Jenny and I found the Guildhall to be very overpowered in the card game and suggested possibly reducing the benefit to 1 VP each but have yet to try it. The Library is also a little overpowered in our opinion. --qqzm
Each of the "Gain x victory points per building of this type" are hideously "You must have one" overpowered (except the monuments one)  The library was good early, but not required to win.  The crane seemed completely useless, since someone would end the game on turn 12.  --Vitenka
There are basically two meta-strategies - go for lots of production buildings and the 'boost production buildings' card, or going for lots of violet buildings and the 'boost violet buildings' card (I don't know the english names offhand).  My opinion is that the 'boost production buildings' card is not overpowered compared against the 'boost violet buildings card' because violet buildings have intrinsically more VPs per building, and are more useful in large numbers.  Having one of the two is, however, reasonably important if you want to win.  --Angoel
The violet buildings, however (with a couple of notable exceptions) aren't as good for building other buildings as having lots of silver mines.  Though yes, the violet building one can win.  --Vitenka

On the point of hand-size causing a lot of analysis - it didn't seem that bad.  The game-flow seemed to be:  Try to grab a bunch of cards.  Choose one to build.  Try to keep another good one in your hand if you can.  Then futz around trying to prevent your oponent from drawing many cards or building (by messing with the turn order)  --Vitenka


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