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"When purchasing a book for your child, take the trouble to flick through it. By so doing, you have an opportunity to peer into the future. You might not like what you see." [*]

"Sometimes you have to fight."
"To bring happiness to people?"
"No. To protect people from those who would try to bring them happiness."
- S. Lukjanenko, "Shadows of stars"

Oooh, if only there'd been some willing to do that around in 1917.
Oh, was it someone other than the people concerned that started things back then? Some outside agency? Foreign power? I see you're a conspiracy theorist ;)

I thoroughly approve of Lukjanenko's sentiment expressed above. Of course, I suspect there is a logical/philosophical flaw in it: the speaker presumably believes that "those who would bring people happiness" are going to cause more problems than they solve... and the speaker thinks people "need" protecting from that... either because that will in fact make "people" more happy - in which case the speaker becomes one of those whom he criticises - or because protecting people will make them more secure / long-lived / safe / some other property which the speaker thinks is more valuable than happiness.
What is it about the forum of the Wiki that makes me and others get so horrendously pedantic and critical of anything we can criticise, I wonder??  --AlexChurchill

I think it's more to do with the pool of people the wiki draws upon.  --Vitenka (Um.. I just did it again, didn't I?)

"Merry Christmas!

Two thousand and five years - such a long time.
Twenty lifetimes - if one is very, very lucky.

Time enough to burn towns and destroy races.
Time enough to become a conqueror, a thinker, a prophet.

They still won't remember you.

To have said "God is love", one had to become human.

To have said that to humans, one had to be God.

To believe or not to believe is your choice.

I believe, because God is love. Because nothing ever forced or could have forced a man to make such a stupid, laughable, suicidal choice - to live according to love. Because - against all instincts - people seek good, light, truth.

It is touching, funny, embarassing and wonderful -

- as much so as a child born two thousand and five years ago.

Our very life is a ridiculous miracle, breaking into reality despite all the laws of the universe. We were born, we live, we quarrel and make peace, we exist - an orgy of biochemistry in an average eighty kilograms.

Do you still believe that complex biochemical reactions taught you to love? That is your right.

I still [congratulate you with the fact that] two thousand and five years ago a boy was born who knew that God is love."
 - SergeiLukjanenko, [LiveJournal post, 7 Jan 2005] 

("I congratulate you with X" is a set phrase that in English would be something like "Happy X" or "X's greetings to you" - which doesn't work as well in the sentence.)

"Labyrinth of Reflections" is a very cool cyberpunk novel by SergeiLukjanenko. Unfortunately, (like the BoyAndDarkness conclusion - MS), its English translation was pulled off the net because of requirements of publishers. But you might still be able to find it. -- [CaptSolo]


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