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Traditional penalty...

Also the name (Thanks, SF) for the Exalted/Lunars game that Senji is planning on running over the Summer.
ChrisHowlett mutters about being about 500 miles away. Or slightly less, or a lot more, depending.

I'll probably be looking for 4-6 players, although I might have difficulty fitting a 6th Lunar in.
StuartFraser mutters about campaign gatecrashers

Raven continuity, not long after the Battle for Lookshy, set in the North.  Anyone paying attention should know what's going on now :-).

To the north and north east lie the frozen wastes, and the city of Crystal.  To the north west, the elemental pole of Air.  To the west lie the lands of the Bull of the North, who has recently won a great battle against the armies of the Realm. 

To the south west, the isle they call blessed, the heart of the Realm, and the corruption of civilization.  To the south, the great cities of the Threshold, near as depraved as the Realm itself, and the rumours of great armies on the march and battles fought.

To the south east, the ancient city of the dead, Sijan, and more rumours of armies.  Finally to the east, a plentiful land ruled over by your own kind the Lunar Exalted, but recently wrought by battle on a much larger scale than usual.

The tales you hear told once of Realm Legion defeating your kin to the east, but more recent tiding speak of an avatar of death before a great host.  One has to suspect that this may be the source of the rumours of war elsewhere, but no direct tales have reached your ears yet.

Many hundreds of years ago, when the Realm was much younger, and the Scarlet Empress grasped the reigns of power much more firmly, the Silver Pact put together a Pack of their youngsters; by what precise means unknown.  This pack (the players) is just beginning to dissolve from age, but seeks one Last Great Adventure that the tribes can sing of in the years to come.

Requiem would like to know what sorts of characters Senji is looking for for the campaign. Is there going to be a lot of battle? A lot of politics? Somewhere in between?
Battle will probably be a possible solution to stuff; but you shouldn't be able to get along with just fighting.  Politics isn't likely to get you to a good solution either.  Subtlety might work :). -- Senji
Okay - CURSWiki: Requiem/WordsInSilence is my current offering, assuming I've got 150xp to play with. Changing Moon, totem is an Imperial Eagle. --Requiem
Okay, subtle it is. CURSWiki: Edith/SevenYearsBadLuck

Location? Could somebody email me the location of Rivendell, if that's where it's going to be? --Requiem
Just before the start of the lonely mountains, if memory serves ;)  --Vitenka
That's all very well for you to say. "The Last Homely House before the Mountains" isn't exactly a clear guide to position. I've only got the one landmark to go on. ;) --Requiem
It's on the far side of the Loudwater River (A14) from the Shire (Cambridge)... -- Senji.  Where are you coming from, btw?
Peterborough, coming in on the A14. --Requiem


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