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Hi, welcome to the wiki :) - SunKitten
Thanks.  Been lurking for a while, joined primarily due to the BlissStage game.

So, who am I?  (24601?  Nope./semi-obscure reference) 
Probably fairly mainstream, in this company. --CH
Some of you may know me from my sporadic appearances at Tuesday GamesEvening.  Unfortunately, fatigue and having to rely on a HelpfulFriend? to drive me home afterwards means I don't make as often as I would like.
Those with exceedingly long memories may even remember me for the handful of times I made it to WednesdayAnime, way back when it was showing things like BlackCat, SamuraiSeven? and AngelicLayer, before the long commute and LastBusPhobia? made it . . . not happen any more.
So, yeah.  Hi. --SoylentWhite

Welcome. I have to ask - what are you made of? --CH
Judging by his RP so far, [CategoryMadeOfWin win]. - ElliottBelser
*blushes*.  Thanks, Elliot.  The name is actually just a test.  Anyone who even thinks the phrase '. . . is good people', attempting to be both complimentary and semi-witty, I strongly encourage to bludgeon themselves repeatedly with a book of English grammar.  . . . yeah, I'm one of *those* people. --SoylentWhite
Not Racist ones? - ElliottBelser
?  I sense there is a degree of cross-purposes, here.  You are *aware* of the film SoylentGreen?, right?  The line above is a play on a famous quote from that film, that just happens to involve a hideous contortion of English.  The people I was referring to are the so-called 'Grammar Nazi's' (although I am not especially enamoured with this term, especially as it *still* does't let me cry out "No grammar for you!", it is the most-recognised term).  Maybe I'm being insensitive (would be *far* from the first time), but to my mind it takes more than having the word 'white' in your online name for it to be 'code' for 'Hey, guys, I hate n*****s!', so I'm not entirely sure where this race thing came from.  --SoylentWhite
I was aware of the movie reference... allow me to explain.  White in the name... not racist.  A name that essentially says "yes, I am in fact of European descent" like White Guy or White And Nerdy... not racist.  I read a little over-much into your saying "Anyone who reads it as SoylentWhite is Good People deserves to be bludgeoned!" - does that make sense?  And I thought that adding "with a book of English grammar" was just your being humorously specific. - ElliottBelser
Little bit. ;).  FWIW, I was being a little flippant when I said the name was *just* a test.  The more honest (though rather duller) reason was simply when I came up with this, I had just seen an episode of 'Millenium' which referenced the line, and I changed the green to white because green was more likely to be taken and I like the colour white.  It's probably a symptom of just how -I don't know, naive?- I am that the race angle didn't even *occur* to me until you raised it just there.  The reason why I specifically commented on that phrase is the phrase '[personA] is good people.' (No they aren't!  They're a singular! Unless they have MPD, in which case it's acceptable.) is probably *the* biggest urge to kill: rising phrase I have come across, and given how close that phrase is to the Soylent Green one, its use seemed inevitable by people less . . . overly concerned over minutae.  Anyway, I probably was aiming for some kind of point with that, but I'm not sure what.  Regardless, I think we're done here. --SoylentWhite
SoylentWhite is like people? --Requiem
. . . grammatically acceptable.  But in what way?  I'm genuinely curious.  It's like saying 'A sheep is like sheep.', one instance of a concept is similar to multiple instances of that same concept, which always leaves me contemplating a great sheep hive mind plotting to take over Wales, then my mind kicks me and tells me I'm being scary-obsessive over details again and I should take my dried frog pills.  So, um, please explain.  --SoylentWhite
Finish this sentence: "Winston Tastes Good..."  The fact that it's not stricly correct usage makes the Is People line more memorable. Oh, and the phrase is "Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should."  ...as opposed to "...as a cigarette should." - ElliottBelser, who on a related note says "Stop!  Grammar Time!  Can't spell this..."
Now, that makes sense: incorrect grammar for the sake of memorization, but is it *supposed* to be rememberable in the same way Aqua's 'Barbie Girl' is memorable?  (Ow!  Ow!  Please make this pain stop!  Must . . self . . lobotomise!) Or is it just those of us who seriously need to chill out more often that remember it that way? --SoylentWhite
SoylentWhite is like people because white is like green, clearly. --Requiem
SoylentWhite is also above your security clearance, citizen Req-I-EHM.  Report for immediate termination.  Have a nice day.  --ElliottBelser, getting the inevitable Paranoia reference safely past us
I think you'll find it's not. Are you accusing me of treachery, 'friend' citizen? -- Req-U-IEM
Ah.  I had not noticed your promotion, friend Ultraviole(n)t.  Carry on - Ell-I-OTT

"Soylent Green is made of people?"  I'll take horrific grammar for the cause of poetry any day.  - ElliottBelser, boldly splitting infinitives that have never been split before

Created due to a thought that occurred to me from the taboo thread.


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