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Man with amnesia, lots of injuries and a mask with horns he can't remove winds up in a village of furries, two of whom, being young, cute and female, look after him. Village is attacked by a water-soluble cat. Village fights back and kills cat; cub stays with younger of the two girls. Man has ominous flashbacks (TM).

Man wields metal fan. Evil country rulers come and make trouble. Fighting ensues.

It's actually quite a cute and interesting fantasy ^^ Based on an H game, apparently, but that's not obvious up to episode 10 (and we haven't seen any further..).

Apparently fans like that are real... [Tessen] --Androidkiller

The gender of the two androgynous twin archers (Dorii & Guraa) has been muchly debated. On [this page] (10 posts down), somebody has translated a relevant scene from the game (which doesn't contain spoilers beyond where WednesdayAnime is up to, around ep 8). It's extremely amusing ^^ --AC
Let the debate commence - If you look at the characters, all the females have ears pointing down, all the blokes have ears pointing up.  the archers have ears pointing down, making them female. --DDD

OP = SunKitten

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