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[ToothyGuineaPig]s are the rather large little brothers of ToothyHamster number 2. They have been informed that their big brother the ToothyHamster is a dwarf, but in fact he's a Syrian.
The biggest guinea pig is Grenache (Nash for short) and he weighs the same as the other guinea pig, Poborsky (Borsky for short), and the ToothyHamster put together. Nash is also know as Lardass. Grenache is sort of rust coloured with reddish eyes and he was called Grenache after the type of wine, and type of grape which I thought was red, but having googled it, it appears grenache noir is the full name for the red, but grenache is the basis of the best red wine in the world, so I think it's OK to have called him it.
Poborsky the other guinea pig is black, brown and white, and he's named after [the Czech Republic football player], not the German one who is called [Podolski].
I had a thing about having a pet called Poborsky ever since Euro 96, don't ask for the full story, I can't remember it, but Garbled decided the guinea pig was going to be Poborsky. He then limited me to the letter G for the other one's name (because we needed to have Grenache the guinea and Poborsky the pig apparently) and I followed a colour theme which also matches with the alcoholic alliterative theme of the first [ToothyHamster/Hoegaarden]'s name. So since there is an alcoholic alliterative theme for our first anything, I think we became the couple most likely to call our first child Chardonnay!


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