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OK, MoonShadow has been Perl hacking.
For those interested, here are the gruesome gory details of how logging in is meant to work right now:

If any of this is broken, please tell me.. whimper
-- MoonShadow

I'm trying to set up a wiki, based on the UseModWiki source.  It seems to work, but I could really do with this feature - how would one do this? --M-A

Um. You could try and unpick it from a diff of the [ToothyWiki source] against vanilla. You could switch to using the ToothyWiki source (in which case you'll probably want to localise it - which could be tricky, since a number of the changes are hardwired hacks. Senji went that way.) Or you could write your own. Here's roughly what I did:
[Code snipped.]
I don't remember how much of that was around in vanilla. Basically, the login functionality was already present - I just added a couple of actions to clear the cookie, which has the effect of logging people out, and made a few cosmetic changes (displaying appropriate info/links in the goto bar). There's a few other cosmetic tweaks - mainly things like links to action=newlogin from assorted places - but that should be sufficient for the basic functionality. - MoonShadow
Excellent, thanks.  I've now got to sort out the three-way diff between the 0.92 version you used, the current ToothyWiki version and the 1.0 version that I've just downloaded... :) --M-A

I've never been able to login to the wiki. The login fails every time, whether I have assigned a password to the account, or not. Browser is Mozilla 1.5a -- Kitiara

Please describe exactly what you do. Things that have got people in the past:

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