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I have designed a game that looks as it it's going to get published.  This all feels very scary.  On the positive side, I think that I've managed to work out a set of rules that I'm happy with.  On the minus side, I haven't worked out a name.  Oh, well, there is time.  I hope.  --Angoel

Congratulations :) - SunKitten
I'll consider accepting them when I've got the game in my hands and have broken even (I'm putting up the money for about a third of the production).  Until such a point there will be little being inside me screaming 'what on earth do you think you're doing?'.  But thanks ;) --Angoel
We'll buy a copy... ;) So, did you finally decide what the end game conditions are? --M-A
Each player starts with zero points, and the start player is recorded (using a start player token).  When the draw deck is empty, the Passenger travels immediately to Euston using standard movement rules and doesn't move again.  Play continues with players only building track until the start player would play again.  At that point the game ends, and the player with most points wins.  In case of a tie, the players later in the turn order beat players earlier in the turn order. --Angoel
(If you have any comments, let me know) --Angoel
Just to check: By emptying the draw deck, you guarantee that every station will turn up exactly once.  Also, it's deterministic which player will get the last 'real' move, based on (size of draw deck) mod (number of players). --M-A
Each card will turn up exactly once, however the four open destinations will not be visited.  The last player is not deterministic, as this varies with the number of express stations in the last batch of cards.  However, it is likely that a group of two or three positions would draw it considerably more often than the other players.  (Incidentally, movement is currently to one express and then one normal station, skipping the express or normal stations if there are no such destinations available). --Angoel

Oooh, pretty board:
The graphics shown are each a couple of versions back each.  But wow.  Things have appeared on the internet.  Cool.  --Angoel

There's now [a review] of a partial play on boardgame news.  His summary: "my preliminary take is that we have a very nice medium weight rail game here with some good strategy.  Iím looking forward to trying it again."
Nice review - congratulations again :) - SunKitten

We played this at GamesEvening yesterday... the official published version :) Very nice game. I like the tension between long-term and short-term play. People took a few tries to understand the rules for needing two branch markers. Going first does seem to be a big advantage, even with the later players starting on more points; also it seems to be quite a penalty if the cards available on your turn include no express stations, as you only get direct influence over one passenger journey rather than two. But it seems play choices would have plenty of opportunity to outstrip either of these factors. I really enjoyed the feeling of frantically building the Underground network while the passenger was using it :) Thanks to Ray for bringing it, and I very much want to play it again! --AlexChurchill

Angoel is still getting slight cognitive dissonence with people getting copies and playing it without him having browbeaten them into playtesting.  But I'm glad you enjoyed it ;).  So ... what else should I change if I was redesigning it? --Angoel
Well, I've only played it once. It was a lot of fun and I want to give it several more plays; ask me after that :) But I suppose possible things to look at might include:
I have never found this to be an issue, but I can see that some would.  A suggestion someone made to me is to split the deck into the express and non-express and use them as separate draw piles, replenishing to two of each.  The express pile will run out before the non-express pile, so the last six-odd turns won't have an express card, but that's not inappropriate ramping down.  I suspect that I may turn that into an official variant.  --Angoel
Possible other ways of dealing with it:
    • Discard all four cards and redraw if they're the same colour; though it would make the game shorter, and more random, and I could see why you wouldn't want to borrow game mechanics from TTR.
    • Mark the national rail station cards, and make them a third type with lower priority than normal non-express stations; so he'd go to an express then non-express, or express then NR, or non-express then NR.  Could be combined with the above.
    • Oh, or the simplest one: If all the cards are the same colour, he moves to two stations of the same colour --SGB
I grant the point, but everyone comments that a different colour is the problematic one ;).  Note that there are actually eleven colours, to ensure that the numbers work out - although brown and purple are never used at the same time (and this is just as well, because they're pretty much indestinguishable). --Angoel
...That's all I can think of at the moment; ask me again once we've got our own copy and played it a few more times :) --AC

Grand.  I look forward to it. --Angoel

I agree with AC above - and I was particularly impressed with the mid-to-late game; it had looked like the leader was way ahead, but by the end of the game it had narrowed considerably (we finished within 6 points, and if it had gone around again we'd have all been within 3).  I'm looking forward to JKLM delivering my copy!  My thanks as well to Ray for bringing it. --SGB
Oh, and "Bank!" :-)

TubeGame now has a website - http://www.on-the-underground.com/ - connments on which are welcomed.


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