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RPG OneShot?

Adventure writing month.
July 4th 2008

Game 2: Dwarf Fortress.

Because it was suggested in http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=379042
And because it's a nifty idea.

And on second thoughts, because I am very very lazy and have already written this game in another form.
World-building variant of: Vitenka/FightOfDragons
Let's modify it to bring it bang up to date though.

So, here it goes.

You'll need some index cards, two large pieces of blank paper and some felt-tip pens - one colour per player.

Each player is given, randomly, three things they wish to see the fortress become famous for, and specifically which they want the most control of:
1. Tall buildings / Deep diggings.
2. Metals / Gems / Stone
3. Weapons / Mechanisms / Architecture / Crafts
They have a fourth goal: Obtain the most artefacts.

A large piece of blank paper is brought out, on which the fortress will be created.  Draw a diagonal line upon it to represent ground level.  One corner is now 'the deeps' and one 'the tallest spire'
A second large piece of paper is the dwarven treasury.

Each player then creates their dwarf.
On an index card they distribute seven points between the three statistics most important to dwarves:
Building, Crafting and Fighting.
Draw boxes for these points.
They should also have a name.  Something like "Dronk - master hammer-dwarf"

They then, on a second card, create an artefact.  "Gronthingzer - a gold studded warhammer", for example  They can go into as much detail as they like, it has no mechanical effect.

Go round each player in turn.
Whilst they have your attention, they may:
1. Craft a masterpiece.
2. Build onto the fortress.
To do these, they say what they want to build.  If no one stops them, they grab their felt tip pen and draw it on the paper.
3. They can prepare 'stuff'.
To do this, they grab an index card and write/draw whatever they like.
4. They can try and take control of something someone already drew.
To do this, point at the drawing you want.  If no one objects, alter it a bit to make it yours.

Now to clarify the 'no one stops them' part:
Work out which stat is affected: Building for one piece of paper, crafting for the other and fighting for stealing already created stuff.
Compare stats.  The higher stat is going to win.
Other players can chime in on either side, giving that player a +1 bonus.
A player can get +1 bonuses by giving the opponent artefact cards.
They can get more +1 bonuses by destroying 'stuff' cards - though they have to justify how it helps.  (The justification can be as nonsensical as they like, as long as everyone enjoys it)  The card is destroyed (or given to the GM at least)
In the case of an unresolved tie, the person who is doing the action MAY cross of one of their stat boxes as a final +1.  If they don't, the action fails.

This play continues, with the GM periodically throwing events into the mix, until you are about to run out of time.

Random events:

The elves turn up and give you a single seed of "Festuca idahoensis" demanding that you nurture it.
If enough players use their action to do so, the elves will hand over a new artefact.

A section of the fortress collapses.  Scribble all over a bit.

Elephants arrive.  Until someone takes a point of damage on fighting, no fortress can be built.

Marmosets!  Cross off a treasure.

The world becomes flooded with an infinite quantity of magma.  This doens't actually do anything bad to the players.

The humans turn up.  If you give them a stuff card, they will give you cheese.  Artefact cheese.

Demons/Angels? (depending on whether players mostly built down or up) arrive.  Everyone dies.  Work out who won.

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