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Original intent:
Quickly finish up last session raid, then move on to character creation.

Actual events:
The raid took ages and was fun.  Character creation was compressed and the interview idea sucked.
The post interview 'not yet trained' fun is scheduled for next session, when we should gain a player.

The session went, roughly, as follows.
One gets dragged towards the base, another causes a disturbance nad the sniper turns it into an emergency. Hidden, they change into guard uniforms and get their kit and then assault the wall.

The car bringing the guy who intends to evac the scientist gets taken out.

They then raid the place, steal an APC and generally cause much chaos.  Much fun refitting rocket launchers and realising that they don't know how to aim them.

Fun is had by all.

ToDo: Decent TwentyQuestions? for character creation.  Take a big chunk of it up to the meta-game, find out what kind of adventures they really want.
ToDo: Emphasise stunting.  I kinda sorta completely forgot about it.  Have some NPCs demonstrate to get things started.
ToDo: Work out some short pieces that can slot into any training CutScene?, since I'm probably going to have to come up with quite a few on the fly.

Things are going very slowly.  Is this a BugOrFeature??


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