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You'll find most of what i add into this gallery to literally be sketches and scribbles....but sometimes that can be fun^_^ I hope you enjoy looking at random doodles as much as i enjoy drawing them!

this was an image from my dream last night! we got home and Furose was on our setee. we were sure to be VEEEEERY nice to him lest he lose the peaceful look and suddenly kill us nastily! hehe

This is an image from the veeeeeeeeeeery end of the series, but fear's not a direct picture, so no spoiler....just an image related to something at the annoying can i be! ^_^

Just a fun pic of the boys in modern dress ^_^

an unfinished sketch of Neissus that i kind of liked as it was ^_^

Poor Nute - still hasn't appeared in the series. but she will make her entrance in issue #6! ^_^


The story so far



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