Ultimate Dream

A NaNoWriMo Novel in Blog Form, by Alex Churchill

Hi. I'm Tessa, and I suppose you want to know whether to read my blog. Well, you might want to take a look if you're interested in computer games, dreams, or fantasy worlds. (Or the sarcastic ramblings of a twenty-something who doesn't like clichés and uses too many parentheses.)

I thought I'd just be keeping my friends updated about the goings-on in my boring life. But then I started playing this RPG with some friends. It seemed pretty stereotypical and cringeworthy - I'm not even sure why we kept on with it. But strange things started happening...

-- taleteller

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Posted at 14:01 on Sep 5th 2007

3 ways to read it:

by alex at 23:50 on Sep 5th 2007

You can read the novel online! Just click here and enjoy.

by alex at 17:10 on Jan 24th 2008

You can download a PDF of the novel! Head to the book's page on lulu.com, select "Download Now", and enjoy reading the PDF at your convenience.

by alex at 17:39 on Jan 24th 2008

You can buy a printed copy of the book! Head to the book's page on lulu.com, pay them £7.99, and they'll print a copy of the book and post it to you!

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And, of course, you can discuss the novel on its its ToothyWiki page.


-- taleteller

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Posted at 17:52 on Jan 24th 2008

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