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The hotel

Desert mountains and Bedouin

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Pyramids and other Cairo sights

Aerial photos Rachael and I flew to Egypt on the 27th January 2005 for a one-week holiday in Egypt. We had an excellent time. I love taking photos out of aeroplane windows, so that's what this first section is.
The hotel We stayed in the Radisson SAS hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, on the Sinai Peninsula. It was even better than we'd expected. Here's some photos of it.
Desert mountains and Bedouin We went on a jeep ride into the desert, through striking desert mountains, to meet some Bedouin and ride camels. This is also where I've put all my other striking photos of the mountains and desert.
Other trips We also went snorkelling and visited an old market town.
Pyramids and other Cairo sights And, of course, we did a day trip to Cairo to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx.