RC3 - Casablanca

Difficulty: Hard

First of all I want to fill more vol-au-vents - assuming I have enough salmon roe left? Cool, I'd get at least another dozen from that. (Hard ingredients to find, these, and not exactly affordable either.) Then I have to pierce the Lincolnshire sausages and cook them, and - what can we eat afterwards? Is there a ganache in the fridge? Ha, yes, I thought so. I'll put rum and pineapple juice in a punch bowl to drink, and of course I'll make up the spare bed, but I hope the Harrisons don't stay, Lord grant me strength if they do. Then I still have to do the hoovering and washing tonight, and tidy up after that slob Amanda. I let her take the car, terrible idea I know, but with her out and the neighbours having taken Ned yesterday we'll have the place to ourselves.