Here's a window, and here the two of us on the ledge
On the icy ground below 
A mounted formation rides - 
Helmets, swords, epaulettes glinting in the night

You whisper: let's you and I make our own warriors
Of pewter, terracotta - in any case, immortal
They will fight only for our love
Unflinching they will face any storm or flame

With their wooden swords
And eternal glassy breath
They would spill pewter blood
Our army, our army

My general, what if our enemy has seven heads
Seven crowns shining over the star-crowned towers?
You whisper: my lady, I shall help conquer your fear
We shall create an army even more fearsome

For with their wooden swords
And eternal glassy breath
It spills pewter blood this day
Our army, our army
Beneath the embroidered banner
The tambourines ring - forgiveness
From dawn to dusk
Our army, our army

Do you remember how you carried me through the forest snows
Through the steaming damp and the flying flak?
Again and again the relentless armoured waves come
Seven crowns, seven towers, seven flags

With their steel blades
With their frozen breath
The blood spills its inevitable red
Our army, our army
Before the daylight ends - save me
Under our faded silk banner
Our army, our army