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Being a page of things ChrisHowlett and RachelHowlett? might like should someone (most likely his mother) want to buy him a present. If you plan to buy something from the page, click "Edit this page" and remove it. Click "This change is a minor edit" (to be polite), and Save!

My List

Money towards life & hobbies is always welcome
Geek humour t-shirts
Smart zip-front jumpers (like... hoodies without the hood?)
Soldering iron

Video games:
[Civilization 6] (please purchase via HumbleBundle, linked, and send me the Steam key provided. Up to 10% of your purchase price goes to charity)

Note: While Amazon is linked, independent games shops are likely to be cheaper. Alternatively, if you contact me or Chel, we can probably arrange to use our local games store.
7 Wonders (ASIN B0043KJW5M )
7 Wonders Duel (ASIN B014DMSTXK )
Pandemic: On the Brink (ASIN B00CAG5LJ2 )
Pandemic: In the Lab (ASIN B00CE3IA44 )
Pandemic Legacy (Season 1) (ASIN B00TQ5SEAI ) - this one's pricey, but apparently totally worth it. Maybe check that Rachel's willing to play it with me first...

I have an Amazon [wish list].


Please don't get her any ornaments (though she loves them her surfaces get very dusty and cluttered!)
She's asked for a charm bracelet from us (we've got her a pandora compatible silver one) and Andy/Allie? have her a ballet shoes charm & auntie Tasha a piano one.
Clothes size  9-10 - she's getting tall! She's very thin for her age so dresses and skinny-fit clothes work best. she likes frugi dresses.
Please not pyjamas/nightwear!
Harry potter lego (they don't make it any more so ebay might be a good bet)
Elf Lego - she'd like the queen dragon but it is expensive so maybe money towards it?
I have bought her a harry potter notice board for 8 and a horrible histories art set 6.99 that you could "buy" for her
She is getting a bike for Christmas so a new helmet would be good.

  1. I Shall Wear Midnight, Terry Pratchett (ISBN 0385611072 )
  2. Her own set of Harry Potter Books [1]

Smiggle vouchers, apparently smiggle is "cool"
book/amazon vouchers for books!

Chel's List

Clothes vouchers or ebay vouchers
Nice tea. English Breakfast-y (or "tea", as Victoria Coren puts it)
If in doubt: whole nut chocolate, wispa chocolate, toffees, chablis, merlot or cava will always be well received!
Charity gifts [this] is a good index
Francine Rivers books:  "Leota's garden"
knitting patterns: I like Alan Dart's patterns at http://www.alandart.co.uk/
I would like to do [a sign language course] this one costs 19.99
set of alphabet cutters for cookies or for birthday cakes

Both of Us

camping lantern


Mayka Toy Block Tape looks right up his street
more basic lego for 'inventing'
clothes- he loves wearing shirts and waistcoats. He'd love black size 6-7 waist coat or [this hedgehog waistcoat]
A light up globe
he likes the lego create 3 in 1s and this one -> ASIN B06WGPS9MY (Grandma has purchased this set)is space too! He's been eyeing it up in the shop window!
scabbard/frog and belt for his sword
books; science/engineering ones like [maybe these]
currently obsessed with pokemon - pokemon cards?
Be creative, Benji doesn't really play much with toys but likes fiddling and taking things apart! He loves his engineering kit so maybe something along those lines
a new bike helmet for Christmas
[these] light up tracks look cool!

StuartFraser always parses this page as ChrisHowlettPresents/Ideas?, for some reason. Perhaps we should have one of those as well...
Is the "Presents" there a verb or a noun? --CH
Oh, a verb, [surely]. --AC


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