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Pallando wonders if there is a way to make a game out of ranking which of the NetQuizzes has the most PredictivePower?

I'm thinking something like ApplesToApples here.  Say you have 6 players, each of whom has posted their results from the same 6 quizzes on the results page.  Allocate each player the infomation from one quiz, but in such a way that they don't know (until the end of the game) which quiz result matches which person.  Instead, during the game, they have to try to match up the ApplesToApples card with their result view.

So for instance, suppose the verb is "Tragic",
Not as tragic as your understanding of parts of speech :P --Rachael
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and someone supplies as the noun to match it "The Destruction of Venice".  I have the results from the test "What box do you get put in?".  I know that playing are four GeekBox? and one GothBox.  I put down in my answer that I think that reply corresponded to a GothBox player.  At the end of the game it is revealed who was which result and if, for round 2 (Tragic) I have correctly matched the player I previously only knew of as player 3 (GothBox) with the one who actually played the card (Venice) who turns out to be Alex, then I get a point.

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