Sign some text

If you wish the server to sign some text, enter it into the box below, and click on "Sign". Enter it the way you are going to type it into the Wiki - don't copy it from the rendered Wiki page, copy it from the "Edit text" box (or notepad, or wherever you're keeping it).
If you wish to publish the signature, but keep the signed text secret, it is a good idea to add a random number, word or sentence to the text; otherwise, if it's predictable - like a chess move or the name of a card - people could try signing all possible texts to see if any matched the signature you publish.
If you can't think of anything, you could always use the random number below:


If you want to check some text someone has written, copy it *from the "edit this page" box* into the box below, and click on "Sign". Check to see if the signature you get matches the one the person who wrote the text gave.