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Welcome to ToothyWiki!

This is a forum for messages and editable information about [toothycat.net] content, as well as a large number of totally unrelated things, anything and everything else that comes to mind, and also nothing in particular. All visitors are welcome to read and participate, but before you write anything, it'd be a good idea to be familiar with WhatIsWiki and WikiEtiquette.  A good page to try out editing is in the SandBox. Warning: particularly outlandish things you say may end up being quoted!

Starting points

So, what's a Wiki, anyway? What does this one do? How do I use it?

List of topics people are writing about. CategoryAnime, CategoryGames, CategoryComputing, even some stuff in CategorySerious. Click on a category's title to get a list of things people thought belonged in it.

Wiki-within-a-Wiki. Co-operative Fiction.

  Sign your name here..

Points of Interest

Artifaxis, PhoenixFeathers
Pages for discussion of the toothycat.net webcomics [Artifaxis] and [Phoenix Feathers].

Plot, errors, Russian sci-fi and fantasy in general.

All about toothycats.  Plus lots of examples of terse coding, for some reason.

Well, word of the every other day, depending on how inspired people are...

Interesting / scary / timewasting pages found out there on the Internet.

Any questions?  Well, of course not!  Everything is perfection itself around here.  Still, if there were any questions, they would probably be kept in a box.

Discussion of features and wiki structure
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Dynamically generated user-editable portions of the toothycat.net website use cookies to store information about your entitlements and preferences. These are strictly necessary (within the meaning of EU directive 2009/136/EC) for the correct operation of critical features including but not limited to wiki page editing, webchat and save game and similar functionality for various javascript applications on this website. They are not passed to third parties, and are not used to track user activity on other websites than toothycat.net (except where such websites explicitly use services provided by toothycat.net to provide inline displays of toothycat.net content). By interacting with toothycat.net (or its content inlined elsewhere) you implicitly agree to the use of the technology required to bring you an interactive experience.

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