Magic Turing Machine v5: Rotlung Reanimator / Chancellor of the Spires

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The Cards

The game state is as follows:

It's a four player game. We'll call the players Alex, Bob, Cathy, and Denzil. Alex controls the Turing tape of creature tokens. Each player is on 1 life.

Processing happens on Bob's turn, in order to get the assorted triggers on the stack in the right order, thanks to the AP-NAP rule.

The Battlefield

Many of these cards have been hacked by one or more castings of Artificial Evolution. (If you're worried about casting more than 4 Artificial Evolution, you can use Djinn Illuminatus and/or Izzet Guildmage.) All creatures marked with * in this list are all type-changed with Unnatural Selection to be Assembly-Workers, which thanks to a pair of hacked Dralnu's Crusades means they're also both Yetis and Zombies, so that they don't get killed by the machine's execution.

The cards on the battlefield are as follows:

Other Zones

There are requirements for other zones as well.

Cathy's graveyard contains just one card: Time and Tide.
Other players' graveyards contain no instant or sorcery cards.

Earlier This Turn

We require that earlier this turn:

So How Does It Work?

Read all the details here!