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7th of June 2151

The Captain's Shopping Trip

(An Adventure with Tea Makers)

The Tesla's Revenge arrives in High Tortuga, where they are greeted by Saul "Golden Hand" - owner and proprietor of "The Golden Handshake", a general traders.
Also in port are the pirate ships "Thundering Reputation" and "Moment of Weakness".

Captain Q.Smythe strikes a deal with Saul to sell their loot from the Katrina for 800He and the promise to resupply the ship exclusively from "The Golden Handshake".
The Money is then divided up amongst the crew and they go their separate ways.

"Dubious" Tom heads to "The Rusty Sailor", a dockside tavern frequented by pirates, and promptly starts drinking, gambling and whoring to his heart's content (possibly picking up some horrible STD).

The Captain and Jake-19 head to "Goyle's Home and Furnishings", a department store, in hopes of buying a /TeaMaker?. The Captain eventually picks out a tasteful Brass and Walnut tea maker - just in time for Jake, who had gone to look at barbecuing supplies, to break a pressure cooker, which the Captain is forced to pay for.

Benedict Hayward-Scott first heads for "Etholle's Fine Weapons" in search of new and better quality guns. Unable to find anything to his liking at Etholle's, he then heads to "Argyle's Dueling Supplies", where he manages to find a good quality scoped hunting rifle. He then heads for "The Rusty Sailor".

"Dubious" Tom purchases a slightly better tea maker from a bloke in the pub for less than the Captain paid. 

The Captain pops into "Argyle's Dueling Supplies" on his way back to the ship and picks up a rapier for Radiance. He drops the items he bought off at the ship and heads to "The Rusty Sailor".

At some point "Fox Ears" returns to the ship, having bought several bottles of rum, and proceeds to drink them whilst attempting to practice knife throwing.

Alya elected to stay on the ship on watch.

Whilst all this was going on, Radiance had gone to "McLachlan?'s Library" to translate the letter they found on the Katrina and research some things. Whilst there, she notices a book she wants in the restricted section, and promptly decides to steal it. She starts a fire to distract the guards and blows the lock with a small explosive charge. The guards notice her trying to escape with the book and shoot her as she attempts to get out though a window. Thankfully, the bullet hits her bag and not her; it does, however, propel her out the window and off the side of the Sky City, where she lands on top of a /Portnoy? personal dirigible. She then flees back to the ship and hides in her room.

GM's note: The rest of the Crew won't know this, all they will have seen is her run back to the ship and disappear into her room with a quick "If anyone comes looking I'm not here". 

The majority of the crew having retired to "The Rusty Sailor" begins drinking and gambling.
"Dubious" Tom, Captain Q.Smythe and "Fox Ears" get into a game of Brag with Captain Lucian Killam of the pirate ship "Moment Of Weakness" after several rounds and Tom winning a fare amount of Captain Killam's money Tom is accused of cheating and a bar room brawl erupts. (as it turns out Tom was cheating and had pocketed some of the pot) during the ensuing melee Tom's nose is broken, "Fox Ears" manages to pick up some of the money that got knocked on the floor, Jake bets on his crew to win, "Fox Ears" highly inebriated manages to knock off Captain Killam's hat(and wig) reveling his bald pallet and Tom attempting to throw Captain Q.Smythe's tea maker at Captain Killam, breaks his own tea maker (the Captains being safely back on the ship).

The crew eventually loose the fight, Captain Killam, his crew having won seems to take it all as a bit off good fun.

The next morning the hungover crew are presented with a bill for half the damages totaling 50he by the owner of "The Rusty Sailor".   

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