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Moo.  And I say again Moo.  And TeddyBear.  And Moo again, for good moosure.

We, the ElectronicBovineSquatters, have taken over this page. We refuse to relinquish it until an adequate supply of WikiGrass is provided.  And plenty more Mooing performed wherever possible.  Mmmm.  Moo.

- Why does everyone think I'm only obsessed with Cows? - You've only brushed the surface...  Have you never met the Klingons or Species 8472?  (Though I'm sure Klingons are descended from Cows...  Not sure about Species 8472; trying to make my mind up about them... they're from a different universe made of fluidic space so they'd have to be pretty strange Cows... hmmm... I shall have to consult Curtley; he had a headache last time thinking about this one and Mooed quite painfully.)

- And ElectronicBovineSquatters do not eat WikiGrass... WikiCows eat WikiGrass... isn't it obvious? - Some people...


ec2-3-235-147-50.compute-1.amazonaws.com | ToothyWiki | RecentChanges | Login | Webcomic
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