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A first year PhD Physicist at Trinity, studying in the Semiconductor Physics Group

Is currently creating a Mediawiki based website in order to organise projects he has planned for after he's finished his first year report.

A member of CULES, as well as a LARPer and general geek. Has also been doing improv with ICE for three years, and spends some time doing stuff with CUSAGC (Cam Uni Scout and Guide Club)

Sometime Magic player, but not very good, and tends not to be able to afford new cards. Likes board games, but most of the ones he owns are the kind you play as a kid, and he can't be bothered dragging them to Cambridge all the way from up North. He's now started building up a collection of Euro-style board games.

With CULES acted and helped film a Dr Who spoof that was filmed in Michaelmas 2005, and finally has a trailer. Dr Who and the Cardboard Boxes of Doom is a very silly, very tacky (practically zero budget) parody of the orignal Doctor Who series. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1s88BFZ7PA

Fan of Phoenix Feathers. Was writing his own Cambridge Fantasy story, set in a Cambridge scarily similar to our own, but with more dragons (well, *a* dragon at least) and monsters. However, recently he decided that it seemed more like the characters were only doing stuff because the author needed them too, so it's currently on hiatus.

I've been lurking around here and linking to my CURSWiki page for a while, so thought it was about time to make my own page. Hello everyone! (again)

Finished Part III Physics. It was nice to finally get onto some of the stuff I'd studied Physics to understand! Also, I'm glad my project has been handed in and I only have one exam left.

Was doing Part II Physics, annoyed that he didn't manage to get on the Physics Education course and that applying meant that he had a practical at a busy time in the year rather than at the start.

Not your stereotypical geek.

I've just bought a Wii, with Super Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Kart, and would be interested in organising games against any other ToothyWikizens who have such. Please leave me a message here if interested.


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