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One of the BiggestBlissStageFanboyInTheUniverse's pet fan-projects.  Now semi-official, with Ben Lehman taking a "wait and see if it's any good" tack on whether or not he'll let me make money off it (yay!).

Basically, you construct a deck out of a large pool of non-collectible cards, MagicTheGathering -style.  These cards represent the Resistance of you, a BlissStage Authority Figure, as well as the aliens that assail the other players.  Get 13 points of Hope or be the last Authority Figure that's still awake to win.

Categorically not meant to be a method for storytelling: just to be one of the better CCGs that has you musing out loud stuff like "Well, apparently Rachael Robinson was so happy to have survived the Battle of Darkside that she glomped Josh Preston, and it kinda went from there (plays First Love's Kiss on that relationship)."  See also the BabylonFive CCG, or Illuminati: New World Order, for good examples of this genre.

Doing random musing and braindumps at [Scratchpad], if anyone wants to peek and comment.  Probably going to do a Ren'Py card game engine applet so as to be able to present it to Ben and other interested parties without needing to actually print cards.

BlissStage, CollectibleCardGame?, CategoryGames

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